Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite Indie Theatre Blogs

We have dedicated March to resources for Off-Off-Broadway and Indie Theatre. We thought we'd start by providing a list of some of our favorite and most useful blogs.

NYTheatre Now - is a companion blog for Indie Theatre Now and offers some great insight into the plays, playwrights and process of creating the work that we are seeing now on Indie stages.

I Interview Playwrights -
For nearly 10 years, Adam Szymkowicz has been interviewing playwrights and talking about theatre here in NYC. It is really one of the best ways to get to know about the work, the process and the people who are creating new American theatre.

DirectorSpeak -
Our good friend Cat Parker started DirectorSpeak as a way for her to engage other directors, explore their process, insights, rants and career goals and difficulties, and then share those discoveries with us.

StoryCraft -
Janie Bullard is a sound designer "making it happen" Off-Off-Broadway. She interviews some of the amazing designers who work miracles in the tiny 99-seat (and smaller) black box spaces that we all call home.

Visible Soul -
Through his very popular series "People You Should Know," Zach Calhoon has been interviewing indie theatre artists since 2007. It is an impressive catalog of subjects representing some of the most prolific artists in the city.

Howl Around -
This is a great blog, where theatre artists from around the country share opinions, ideas, best practices and stories. They also have a great map of where new plays are being produced in the U.S. (Shawn Harris says this is one of her favorite blogs)

Fractured Atlas Blog -
This blog has a lot of good discussions about self production, arts administration, funding and developing the business side of our artistic endeavors.

ARTSBlog -
This blog explores arts on a national level with specific interests in arts eduction, arts marketing, public art and the politics or advocacy of art.

The Clyde Fitch Report -
This is a very thoughtful blog that "acts as the nexus of arts and politics." This forum welcomes debate and encourages readers and contributors to teach, learn and engage each other and their communities in the important issues of the day. (Bryne Harrison says this is one of his favorite blogs)

2AMt -
"2 AM is when the ideas start to flow." That's why David J. Loehr and the founders of this blog called it 2AMt. This blog is a place for theatre creators to connect, brainstorm, explore ideas, share experiences and address issues. (Shawn Harris says this is one of her favorite blogs)

Other cool theatre related blogs that we LOVE:

Arts Management & Technology Laboratory from Carnegie Mellon University
That Sounds Cool  created by Aaron Riccio
Theatre for Nerds created by Charles Battersby
On Theatre and Politics created by Matthew Freeman
Createquity created by Ian David Moss

Did we miss your favorite blog?  Let us know.


  1. This is a fantastic list. Thank you so much for posting it.

  2. Though it's not exclusively NYC focused, is a great resource for indie theater happening all around the world.