Monday, March 10, 2014

Favorite OOB Websites

As subscriptions to newspapers and magazines continue to decline, websites dedicated to theatre and especially Off-Off-Broadway are increasingly important. We've also found that some reviews or articles about OOB that might not make a printed source, will often find a place on their website. Today we are sharing some of our favorite websites that provide news, reviews and listings for OOB.

Theatre Is Easy -
Theasy's mission is to help make theatre accessible for everyone. They are "knowlegeable theatre professionals and insightful audience members who write about what we love." The site provides listings, reviews, artists features and a list of discount tickets.

The Happiest Medium
Of course we love a site that is dedicated to celebrating independent artists. This site offers information, listings, interviews, and reviews. While many of the features focus on Off-Off-Broadway, it also covers other live entertainment including music, burlesque, cabaret and dance. (Dianna Martin says this is one of her favorite OOB websites)

OffOffOnline -
For ten years, OffOffOnline has been covering Off-Off-Broadway. It offers some great insight through interviews, reviews and feature articles. It continues to be a great resource for our community in all five boroughs.

TheaterMania -
TheaterMania is the juggernaut of theatre websites. It provides coverage of the major theatre cities throughout the U.S. (and London). It offers news, reviews, articles, listings, discount tickets and more; including a healthy section dedicated to Off-Off-Broadway.

Broadway World -
Broadway World claims to be "All entertainment, all the time." It just might live up to that claim. It goes far beyond Broadway to also cover: TV, Movies, Fashion, Music, Opera, Dance, Comedy and of course Theatre. It has just about everything. In addition to news, interviews and listings, it also boasts very active message boards and job listings.

TimeOutNY - (or OOB Section specifically)
"Your ultimate guide to New York" is TONY's tagline. And you can't be the "Ultimate" guide to this city without including a robust section dedicated to Off-Off-Broadway. Over the last few years, TONY has increased its coverage of OOB thanks very much to its online presence. The listings and reviews it provides helps spread the word about our productions to TONY's readership of active New Yorkers (and Out-of-towners) seeking attractions and entertainment.

New York Times -
We all know that the New York Times is THE leading source for news in the U.S. So it has a broad readership base. It's Arts Section is one of the best in the world. While The Times has always covered Broadway productions, it was the rare Off-Off-Broadway production that garnered ink. That trend has been changing over the last few years and again online space has provided the extra column inches to include listings and reviews for OOB.

BackStage -
For more than 50 years BackStage has been a resource for actors. Over the last few years its focus has broadened to include coverage of TV, Film and Digital Media. However, theatre is still a key component and you will still find valuable news and reviews for theatre and the OOB community.

There are SOOOOO many great sites we're sure we missed some. What are your favorites?


  1. I think Playbill should be on this list.

    1. That's funny, Nick and I were talking about this last night. Yes, Playbill ( is a great resource and provides listings and reviews.

      Thanks Anonymous!

  2. What about

  3. Broadwayworld is a leech on the theater community and I'd take them off this list.