Friday, March 28, 2014

Favorite OOB Resources

There are some invaluable resources that just defy categorization. This list includes champions, services, products, associations and just great resources. Here are some of our favorites:

Indie Theater Now (ITN)
ITN is a digital library of the scripts that are being produced now on Indie stages. Not only does this service help preserve these plays, it also helps to promote them, share them to a larger audience and gives you some insight about the playwrights. And plays are available for download for only $1.29. Read more about Indie Theater Now.

United Stages
United Stages provides professional, low-cost playbills for Off-Off-Broadway. It also offers some great cross-marketing opportunities.

Custom Merchandise
There are companies that produce small batch custom promotional merchandise such as T-Shirts, messenger bags, caps or even iphone covers. It is a great way for OOB companies to create unique products that feature their company logo or a show specific design. Unlike many companies that create merchandise in bulk, which can require a significant upfront cost, there are a couple of sites that offer on-demand or one-off purchasing. Our favorites are:

Stage Directions Magazine
Stage Directions covers the "art and technology behind making theatre." It also featured a "Jobs" section, reviews and information on all kinds of theatrical equipment, and a nice resources section for backstage and front of house.
Show Business Weekly
This performing arts magazine includes: news, reviews and features. Because it is dedicated to helping actors find "success in their careers," it has issues that provides listings for agents, managers and casting directors.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
VLA believes that artists and arts organizations deserve the proper counseling to understand legal issues that affect and protect their creative endeavors and when needed, qualified legal representation. They meet this mission by providing, legal services, advocacy and education.

NYC Performing Arts Spaces
This is a searchable online database of performing arts spaces that are available for rent in NYC.  It includes details such as location, stage dimensions, house size, and much more.

Alliance of Nonprofits (ANI)
ANI is a non-profit insurance company for non-profits. The organization is dedicated to providing affordable insurance fort the nonprofit sector.

Actors Welfare Fund
"The Fund" is a nonprofit human services organization that supports "everyone in entertainment" - not just actors.  It has some really fantastic programs including: health care services, employment training, housing assistance and financial assistance.
National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC)
NPAC is an coalition of national performing arts service organizations. The goal of this organization is to address the "priority areas" of artists across the country to help build a better environment for the performing arts in America. The focus of their efforts include: advocacy, diversity, education and technology.
American Association of Community Theatre
Ok, we know that Off-Off-Broadway is not "Community Theatre," but this is still a great resource. These organizations have an immediate and meaningful impact for neighborhoods and communities and their events can offer a great opportunity to make connections across the country. Their services include: advocacy, research, networking, and participation in festivals.

DCA's NYCultural calendar
The DCA not only provides funds, it also has an arts and culture calendar. The great thing about listing your production on their site is that its free, it reaches general public, and it gets picked up and distributed to other NYC community calendars.

Theatre Library Association
If you are a theatre scholar, you should know about the members of the Theatre Library Association. The TLA represents: curators, libraries, historians and archivists. Their list of theatre libraries and archives is great and they have a nice resource list as well.

Do you LOVE a resource that we missed?  Please share it with us.

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