Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More about press in the OOB world

It isn’t always that Sara Ramirez attends one of your shows and decides to help you promote it all over town (or the country via tabloid publications). I get this call from Sara’s publicist and we set up a photo shoot of Sara and the company seen here: www.filmmagic.com

The photographer and I got it picked up in Star Magazine, Life & Style, and The Daily News as seen here: www.nydailynews.com

Now this won’t always happen for your OOB play, so what can you expect from your OOB publicist:

A press agent should be the number 1 advocate for your show, in addition to your cast, crew and company. Your press agent should be the sole voice on behalf of the production to the media.

A press agent, even with the most solid relationships, can not control the press, ie: get you a positive review.

A press agent should work to get your features, listings and reviews. Leveraging their personal relationships with the press will do this for your production.

Kampfire PR publicity campaigns include:

a. Production Announcement: pertinent information on the production – who, what, where, when, ticket prices, where to purchase tickets, etc.
b. Listing Request: specific listings request submitted to listings editors with information clearly outlined in the manner in which they are accustomed to receiving it.
c. Review Requests: Leverage personal relationships with reviewers and editors in pursuit of critical coverage for your production.
2. FEATURE OPPORTUNITIES: Customized Story Pitches: Pitch feature story ideas to press, generated and developed along with the production team.
3. PRESS KIT: Includes press releases, cast bios, crew bios, past press, script, photos.

In this theatrical climate it requires more than great public relations to increase audiences and awareness for your shows. I think an integrated campaign, which includes publicity, marketing, and audience building are required.

Marketing includes your posters, postcards, e-blasts, website, advertising, and more...

Audience Building is reaching out to specific members of the community who would be interested in your production.

I’d be happy to discuss this more with you.

Your friendly IT Awards Press Agent,
Katie Rosin
Kampfire PR