Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOB Cancellations & Rescheduling


Please make sure to check out the production websites for updated schedules!

Hurricane Sandy has left the city with a crippled public transportation system, power outages and massive damage that will take days, weeks and maybe even months to rectify.

We all know how much work and planning go into getting a production up and on its feet. Something as uncontrollable or as widespread as a hurricane can be devastating to a production. Whether it is canceled rehearsals, tech or actual performances, damage to the theatre, or that the subway shutdown makes if difficult for cast, crew and audience to get to the theatre, the next couple of weeks could be difficult for indie theatre productions.

We will keep a running list of productions that have had to cancel or reschedule performances. Check their websites for more details and please help fill their remaining performances:


APAC has canceled the following performances of Billy Witch
  • Thursday, November 1 @ 8p
  • Friday, November 2 @ 8p
  • Saturday, November 3 @ 2p
T. Schreiber Studios' performances of Doubt on 10/31 & 11/1 have been canceled
Nosedive Productions' performance of The Blood Brothers Present...Reanimated on October 31st  has been canceled
Rising Sun's performance of Bug on October 31st has been canceled but they will resume their normal schedule starting 11/1 & have ADDED PERFORMANCES on November 4th
Duo Theatre has canceled the following performances of All About Meat (the Garcias)
  • Thursday, November 1 @ 8pm
  • Friday, November 2 @ 8pm
  • Saturday, November 3 @ 8pm
Musically Human's performances of Next To Normal have been canceled on 11/1 & 11/2
The New York Neo-Futurists performances of Too Much Light... on 11/1 & 11/2 have been canceled
The Crook Theater Company is OPEN and performances of Macbeth resume 11/3
Tenement Street Workshop is cancelling performances of Rough Approximations until power is restored to the Incubator Arts Project
EBE Ensemble is cancelling performances of Choking the Butterfly until power is restored to PS122 
Horse Trade Theater Group has canceled their HT Halloween Party for October 31st
The Midtown International Theatre Festival was postponed but is now scheduled for Sunday, November 11th (more info.)
The Gallery Players has canceled performances of Company through the weekend, but will resume their schedule on November 8th
Theater for the New City  has rescheduled their Halloween Costume Ball for November 3rd
The Greek Cultural Center has canceled the following performances of In Laws from Tirana
  • Friday, November 2
  • Saturday, November 3
  • Sunday, November 4
The Irondale Ensemble Project will resume performances of AliceGraceAnon on November 3rd 
Project Y Theatre Company is postponing their reading of Downward Facing Debbie
God Light Theater is postponing their reading of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Lunar Energy is OPEN and will resume performances of By Rights We Should Be Giants on November 2nd
Parodivas Productions will OPEN as scheduled with performances of Dog Opera beginning November 1st
AliveWire Theatrics is OPEN and resumes performances of You Will Make a Difference on November 2nd
The Bushwick Starr is OPEN and resumes performances of Blood Play on November 1st
The Brick
is OPEN and resumes performances of the Yiddish Theater Festival on November 1st 

UnitedSolo Festival is OPEN including performances on October 31st
Bedbugs!! The Musical is OPEN and has a performance on October 31st
Rabbit Hole Ensemble's production of Alone is OPEN including a performance on 11/1
Balancin' Productions' production of Follow will resume performances on 11/3 @ 3pm
The Theatre Project is OPEN and resumes performances of Barbicide 11/3 & had added performances on 11/4
Blue Coyote Theater Group  is OPEN and resumes performances of Coney 11/3 


Jimmy's 43 is without power and in need of HELP
The Clement Soto Velez Cultural Center was hard hit and is in need of HELP
Horse Trade Theater Group is without power, but seems to be dry. More details will be forthcoming.
LaMaMa is without power and all performances are canceled until further notice
PS122 is without power and all performances are canceled until further notice
Incubator Arts Project is without power and all performances are canceled until further notice
Judson Memorial Church is closed on October 31st, but will be holding a candlelight vigil
Dixon Place is without power and all performances are canceled until further notice
The Living Theatre is without power, but will have a candlelight performance of Home/Sick November 1st
Galapagos Arts Space is OPEN and resumes performances 11/3
HERE Arts Center has had power restored and will resume performances 11/3
The New Ohio Theatre has had power restored and will resume performances 11/3
The Cherry Lane Theatre has had power restored and will resume performances 11/3
Barrow Street Theatre is now OPEN
Shetler Studios and Theatres are OPEN
The Brick is in good shape and is now OPEN
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Park Slope) is OPEN
The Secret Theatre is OPEN

TKTS is OPEN and selling tickets
Check out NYC Performing Art Spaces' FB Page for information about rehearsal spaces

The Cultural Data Project is up and running 


NYC Halloween Parade is canceled for October 31st, but may be rescheduled for next week.
NYC Marathon is canceled and resources will be distributed to Sandy relief
90% of Public Schools to resume classes on November 5th 
Updates from Con Edison

Transit Tracker - check here for updated information about NYC public transportation

If you are cancelling or rescheduling performances, please let us know info@nyitawards.com

Volunteer to help OOB productions

Dear Community Dish Friends,

I hope all is well in your worlds. Sandy definitely did a number on our City. Obviously if you're reading this you're getting internet, which is probably more than most. The thoughtful Sean Williams reached out earlier with concern for the community...

"I know that someone got screwed. One of our theaters has to have gone underwater, some facility got completely nailed and there have to have been a couple dozen shows on the off-off level that were either supposed to load out or load in this week."

So let's be there for our fellow Indie Theatre folks. You can volunteer to lend a hand by emailing

amandaellenfeldman at gmail dot com

IF ANYONE NEEDS ASSISTANCE PLEASE LET US KNOW.  A volunteer list will be posted later this afternoon. Let's see if we can coordinate a handful of volunteers to send your way!

AND if you have extra time on your hand to volunteer (because your office is closed), email the Red Cross - staffing@redcrossny.org or go to their website.

Be well and stay dry!

Amanda Feldman

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mint Offline Social Interaction

Hey Net Pals,

My BFF and I were looking to disconnect from the info tube, venture wirelessly for an evening and try something authentic; you know some sort of nondigital connectivism.  I pinged my contacts and got a P2P response with 411 on this thing called “theatre” or “theater” ???

\’thee-uh-ter, theeuh\  n 1: a building designed for performances 2: the world of actors, theatrical companies, etc

I thought it sounded totally mint, but It turns out that this thing has been around like 4EVs. And I’m like “Am I Code 11 or just completely Code 404?”

We were given an ETA and told 2b@ a certain place. It was sort of like a PUG or a flash mob, because a bunch of other people showed up 2. I was like “OMG this is 2G2BT.” We all went into this CSA space that was sort of like a synchronous chat room, but in RL. I f2f IM’d the guy next to me to check out his status. He poked me back. 

It got really dark and when they ttlo these people came out as avatars and interacted with user generated content. Srsly it was like 3D live streaming, but offline. My BFF was all “this is OTW.”  I LOL. I had TIME. I had the BTE. 

At the end, there was LLTA and I was all, “this is kickass crowdsourcing.” I was going to google the network of participants, but they had already tagged the avatars in an e-reader made out of paper that they downloaded to the audience. It was so awesomely old school.  

Afterword my BFF, the rhgir and his friend DM’d one another and continued the thread at the bar next door. It was a gr8 night. WOOT WOOT!  

Are you seeking an experience that is: live, multi-platform, interactive, immediate, social, 3D and peer-to-peer; something you can do with a friend, a fan, a member, a follower, list, groups, forums or networks? Then bookmark your favorite OOB company and set your protocol to receive: updates, messages, posts, tweets, newsfeeds, RSS, and invites.

It is sure to be the BTE!   ;-)  

End of Message

BFF = Best Friends Forever
P2P = Peer-to-Peer
411 = Information
4Evs = Forever
Code 11 = Out of Date
Code 404 = Clueless
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
2b@ = To be at
PUG = Pickup Group
OMG = Oh my god
2G2BT = Too good to be true
CSA = Cool Sweet Awesome
RL = Real Life
f2f = face-to-face
IM = Instant Message
OTW = Out of this world
ttlo = turn the lights on
Srsly = Seriously
LOL = laughed out loud
TIME = tears in my eyes
BTE = Best time ever
LLTA = Lots and lots of thunderous applause
rhgir =  Really hot guy in the room
DM = Direct Message
Gr8 = great