Monday, March 31, 2014

OOB Resource Wrap Up

We are so excited that we were able to share so many useful resources with you this month. We would like to thank everyone who weighed in and let us know about their favorites.

Here is a recap of some of our Favorite OOB Resources:

If you have additional ideas or stumble across a little known gem, please let us know.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Arts Stimulate Creativity

n my own philanthropy and business endeavors, I have seen the critical role that the arts play in stimulating creativity and in developing vital communities….the arts have a crucial impact on our economy and are an important catalyst for learning, discovery, and achievement in our country.
              ~ Paul G. Allen, Co-Founder, Microsoft

Friday, March 28, 2014

Favorite OOB Resources

There are some invaluable resources that just defy categorization. This list includes champions, services, products, associations and just great resources. Here are some of our favorites:

Indie Theater Now (ITN)
ITN is a digital library of the scripts that are being produced now on Indie stages. Not only does this service help preserve these plays, it also helps to promote them, share them to a larger audience and gives you some insight about the playwrights. And plays are available for download for only $1.29. Read more about Indie Theater Now.

United Stages
United Stages provides professional, low-cost playbills for Off-Off-Broadway. It also offers some great cross-marketing opportunities.

Custom Merchandise
There are companies that produce small batch custom promotional merchandise such as T-Shirts, messenger bags, caps or even iphone covers. It is a great way for OOB companies to create unique products that feature their company logo or a show specific design. Unlike many companies that create merchandise in bulk, which can require a significant upfront cost, there are a couple of sites that offer on-demand or one-off purchasing. Our favorites are:

Stage Directions Magazine
Stage Directions covers the "art and technology behind making theatre." It also featured a "Jobs" section, reviews and information on all kinds of theatrical equipment, and a nice resources section for backstage and front of house.
Show Business Weekly
This performing arts magazine includes: news, reviews and features. Because it is dedicated to helping actors find "success in their careers," it has issues that provides listings for agents, managers and casting directors.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
VLA believes that artists and arts organizations deserve the proper counseling to understand legal issues that affect and protect their creative endeavors and when needed, qualified legal representation. They meet this mission by providing, legal services, advocacy and education.

NYC Performing Arts Spaces
This is a searchable online database of performing arts spaces that are available for rent in NYC.  It includes details such as location, stage dimensions, house size, and much more.

Alliance of Nonprofits (ANI)
ANI is a non-profit insurance company for non-profits. The organization is dedicated to providing affordable insurance fort the nonprofit sector.

Actors Welfare Fund
"The Fund" is a nonprofit human services organization that supports "everyone in entertainment" - not just actors.  It has some really fantastic programs including: health care services, employment training, housing assistance and financial assistance.
National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC)
NPAC is an coalition of national performing arts service organizations. The goal of this organization is to address the "priority areas" of artists across the country to help build a better environment for the performing arts in America. The focus of their efforts include: advocacy, diversity, education and technology.
American Association of Community Theatre
Ok, we know that Off-Off-Broadway is not "Community Theatre," but this is still a great resource. These organizations have an immediate and meaningful impact for neighborhoods and communities and their events can offer a great opportunity to make connections across the country. Their services include: advocacy, research, networking, and participation in festivals.

DCA's NYCultural calendar
The DCA not only provides funds, it also has an arts and culture calendar. The great thing about listing your production on their site is that its free, it reaches general public, and it gets picked up and distributed to other NYC community calendars.

Theatre Library Association
If you are a theatre scholar, you should know about the members of the Theatre Library Association. The TLA represents: curators, libraries, historians and archivists. Their list of theatre libraries and archives is great and they have a nice resource list as well.

Do you LOVE a resource that we missed?  Please share it with us.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy World Theatre Day 2014

"Wherever there is human society, the irrepressible Spirit of Performance manifests.

Under trees in tiny villages, and on high tech stages in global metropolis; in school halls and in fields and in temples; in slums, in urban plazas, community centres and inner-city basements, people are drawn together to commune in the ephemeral theatrical worlds that we create to express our human complexity, our diversity, our vulnerability, in living flesh, and breath, and voice." 
                                                         ~ Brett Bailey

Read the full International World Theatre Day Message

Also make sure to check out the Around-the-Globe Chain Play today at 7PM

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OOB Support/Service Organizations

As artists, we want to just be artists, but there is a whole administrative/business side of being creative. It isn't always easy to wade through the red tape and paperwork. We are lucky that there are so many organizations that provide administrative support, development assistance, and access to services that helps artists and arts organizations develop the infrastructure of our endeavors.

Fractured Atlas
Fractured Atlas helps artists and arts organizations with the business part of creating art. Their services include: fiscal sponsorship (so that you can accept donations), insurance (both health and liability insurance), ticketing (, training, International Artists Visas assistance, maintain the NYC Performing Arts Spaces venue database, and more.

The Field
The Field helps D.I.Y. artists and arts organizations build their businesses and develop management strategies. Their programs include: fiscal sponsorship, training & workshops, grant application feedback/assistance, access to MFTA and the TDF Costume Collection, and more.

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./NY)
A.R.T./NY provides many resources and opportunities for the Off-Off-Broadway community through its four core programs: Funding, Training, Space, and Connections.

Theatre Development Fund (TDF)
TDF is dedicated to nurturing the live theatrical arts in NYC. Most visibly TDF runs the TKTS stand in Time Square, which sells discounted tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. However, there are several programs that are specifically designed to support the OOB community. The discount ticketing program, "Off-Off @ $9" and the new video project "Meet the Theatre." Read more details about these programs. In addition, the Costume Collection maintains and rents some incredible costumes at deep discounts.

Theatre Resources Unlimited (TRU)
TRU is a resource and information sharing network for the theatre community.  TRU programs include: panels and workshops, TRU Producer Boot Camp, a producer development and mentor program, an annual general audition, writer/producer speed-dating, and more.

Theatre Communications Group (TCG)
TCG is a national organization that is dedicated to bringing the U.S. theatre community together through networking and knowledge-building. They do this through: events, research, grants, advocacy and they publish American Theatre Magazine, and much more.

Arts and Business Council of New York (ABC/NY)
ABC/NY is a program of Americans for the Arts and is dedicated to nurturing artists and arts organizations through developing a volunteer base, leadership and infrastructure and new audiences and income streams. It also works to stimulate the economic and cultural strengths of the arts community.

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
The goal of NYFA is it empower emerging artists and arts organizations across New York state. Their four flagship programs include: fiscal sponsorship, learning and professional development, awards and grants and resource sharing.

Did we miss your favorite arts service organization?  We want to know about it. Please share.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

U.S. World Theatre Day Message

"Artist and spectator: interconnected and interdependent, and wherever and whenever we come together to make work, to struggle to find the truth, to listen, to be lifted, transported, our energy reverberates drawing from the ancient past and facing, dissecting, embracing what is to come." 
                                              ~ Diane Rodriguez

Read the full U.S. World Theatre Day Message and the International WTD Message by Brett Bailey

Also make sure to check out the Around-the-Globe Chain Play March 27th at 7PM

Monday, March 24, 2014

Favorite OOB Funding Resources

We are all, always trying to raise funds. Whether it is through personal appeals, crowdfunding, grants, sponsorship or fundraisers, it may even seem as though the majority of our time is spent trying to get enough money in the bank to pay for a down payment on our next performance space. We can't make it any easier, but we can share some of our favorite funding resources.

Off-Off-Broadway is a perfect platform for these crowd sourcing sites which focus on short-term, project-based collaborative goals, such as an OOB production. It is an easy way to leverage your social circles and social media presence. The idea is that everyone gives a little and soon the project is fully funded. The two biggest and most used sites are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Kickstarter was one of the first to pioneer the crowdfunding model and is one of most successful.  It focuses on the arts and creative endeavors (and gaming and technology). It has the largest user base, which means that your project may pick up additional supporters or attention even beyond your distribution circles. It is also a popular and highly trusted site and many potential donors already have accounts set up. However, as Sally Outlaw of Entrepreneur notes, "Kickstarter 'curates' its projects, meaning it has a rigorous submission process, and if you aren't approved to post, it can be quite disappointing." One other point of interest, which may be a perk or a pain depending on how you look at it; if you don't reach your funding goal, you don't receive your pledged funds. On one hand a funder knows that they are only giving money to projects that are capable of reaching their goals, which may encourage tentative donors. On the other hand..... "ARGGGGG! fundraising is hard and we need every cent we can get our hands on. Please don't take it away from us when we've worked so hard......."

Indiegogo is "available to anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything." Which means that it is available to help fund OOB productions as well as personal projects. While it does not boast the same reach as Kickstarter, it is still a very popular and well known site. Because it is smaller, it is actually easier for OOB projects to be featured and garner more attention. Indiegogo also offers options on how you set your funding goals; flexible or fixed. With the flexible model, you get all of your pledged funds, but Indiegogo takes a higher percentage of those donations. With the fixed model, again, you only get your pledged funds if you reach your goal and Indiegogo takes a much lower percentage.

Other Crowdfunding Sites:

GoFundMe -
GoGetFunding -
MoolaHoop -

Having trouble deciding which crowdfunding site would work best for you?  Here is an article  that looks at 22 such sites and thorough a pretty great diagram helps you decide which one is right for you.

Grant Search Sites
If you are searching for grants there are a number of sites that help you filter and find grants that are appropriate for your project.

Foundation Center
The Foundation Center offers information about 550 foundations and has the most comprehensive grants database in the U.S. They also offer research and training programs designed to help the applicants create more effective applications and better identify those grants that are applicable to them.
This is a centralized list of over 1,000 national government grant programs. You can filter and search grants, complete and submit uniformed grant applications online and follow up on the process.

GrantVine is a searchable grant database that was designed by development professionals. In addition to having access to their database, there is also an option for customized research where one of GrantVine's trained experts "wades through numerous databases, books and resources, as well as the current federal, state and local competition announcements, in order to provide you with the most up-to-date opportunities."

Funding Agencies

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
The NEA is an independent agency of the federal government that awards grants to artists and arts organizations. The NEA is "dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education."

New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)
NYSCA is New York state's arts funding council. They award over 2,700 grants each year and are "dedicated to preserving and expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources that are and will become the heritage of new York's citizens."

Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)
"The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is dedicated to supporting and strengthening New York City's vibrant cultural life. Among our primary missions is to ensure adequate public funding for non-profit cultural organizations, both large and small, throughout the five boroughs."

And of course, you could always apply for the Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, which includes a grant.   : )

Do you have a favorite funding resource that we missed?  PLEASE let us know.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Human Spirit is the greatest Resource

"There are incalculable resources in the human spirit, once it has been set free."
                                    ~ Hubert H. Humphrey

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Award Applications Available Online

Honorary Award Applications 

Due Monday, May 1, 2014 @ 6PM

The Honorary Awards are:
  • The Artistic Achievement Award, presented to an individual who has made a significant artistic contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community;
  • The Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, presented to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. This award also includes a grant to be used toward an Off-Off-Broadway production.
  • The Ellen Stewart Award, presented to an individual or organization demonstrating a significant contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community through service, support and leadership.

Complete an Honorary Award application TODAY!

Outstanding Stage Manager Applications

Due in June  2014

Help us recognize your Outstanding Stage Manager.

Read about our previous OSM Recipients

Complete an OSM application TODAY!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Favorite Production Materials Resources

One of the hallmarks of Off-Off-Broadway is the modest budgets. But we all know that lack of funds will often force us to think beyond traditional solutions and can lead to some extraordinary innovations. We are also lucky that there are a number of organizations that provide production materials at low or discounted prices and sometimes, even for FREE!

Reuse.  Recycle. Repurpose.
There are several organizations that are helping theatre artists be more Eco-friendly by keeping reusable items out of landfills while simultaneously making valuable production materials available.

Materials for the Arts (MFTA)
MFTA collects unneeded items from businesses and individuals and makes these donations available for free to its members. Read more about MFTA.

The Freecycle Network
A grassroots organization where people give stuff and get stuff for free. Membership is also free. Check out their promotional video.
(Heather Cunningham and Shawn Harris both say that this is one of their favorite production materials resources) 

FAB's Load OUT!
Fourth Arts Block (FAB) encourages you to bring your used costumes, props and furniture to their Load OUT event. These items may be repurposed by other artists. Likewise, you may find just the piece that you've been looking for.  The next Load OUT! event is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th, 2014.

TDF's Costume Collection
The TDF Costume Collection accepts costume donations form opera companies, touring companies, Broadway shows, private collections,  educational institutions, and other performing arts companies. They maintain and care for these costumes and make them available for rent at moderate rates. Read more about the Costume Collection.
(Akia says this is one of her favorite production materials resources)

Build it Green (BIG NYC)
Is a non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. Some of the materials they offer include: doors, shutters, lumber, kitchen cabinets, flooring and more. They resale these items at deep discounts.

Secondhand Stores
Good Will, Thrift Shops, or the Salvation Army all offer secondhand items at big discounts. Check out The Thrift Shopper to find secondhand stores near you.
(Viviane Galloway recommends Unique Thrift Store, which offers 50% off sale)

Other Awesome Production Resources

The Sand Box
The Sand Box is a place where small companies can build and store sets, props, and costumes before their tech week. It includes a 12' x 22' scene shop with tools and a slop sink. It also has a 16' x 17' rehearsal space.  Read more about the Sand Box

Tech Soup
Tech Soup accepts donated software and technology from big brand technology companies and then makes it available to nonprofits and libraries either for free or at a discounted price.

Do you have a favorite resource that we missed?  Please share it with us.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

NYC World Theatre Day Around-the-Globe Chain Play

World Theatre Day is March 27th.  If you haven't already, sign up to join the NYC World Theatre Day Coalition

The Staged Reading of the Second Annual 
Around-the-Globe Chain Play
7pm on March 27th

@ The Lark Play Development Center 

(311 West 43rd Street, NYC)

Starting and ending in NYC, a play is being written as it travels around the world making 15 stops with playwrights from across the globe. Each playwright will contribute the next one to four pages of text, moving the plot forward from where the previous playwright left off. 

A wine & cheese reception will follow the play reading.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Favorite OOB Advocacy Groups

Creating theatre can be a tough game. There may be times when you feel over whelmed and like you are out there on your own. However, there are lots of organizations that have your back, are advocating on your behalf and are cheering you on.

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./NY)
A.R.T./NY provides many resources and opportunities for the Off-Off-Broadway community through its four core programs: Funding, Training, Space, and Connections. However it also acts as an advocate, helping to educate and engage key elected officials and civic leaders about the needs of the NYC theatre community.

League of Independent Theatre (LIT)
The League of Independent Theater is a 501(c) 6 advocacy organization for the creators and practitioners of Independent theater in New York City. LIT activities include advocating for funding, preservation of venues, negotiating with unions and developing relationships with elected officials.

New York Artists Equity Association (NYAEA)
For 60 years NYAEA has been a resource network and a support group. "Its primary purpose is to disseminate information regarding legislation and legal rights, all in the interest of effectively addressing "survival" issues specifically relevant to artists."

New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON)
Founded in 1927, NYCON is a membership-based organization. They provide legal and financial advice and support, development training, and technical assistance.

Arts NYS Coalition
The Arts NYS Coalition  is a group of colleagues who joined together to ensure that the public has access to information on the state of the arts in New York State. In addition to disseminating information, they also help arts organizations understand how legislation will effect them, they help craft a unified message on behalf of those organizations, and they plan state-wide advocacy events that allow the community to share that message with their legislators.

Women in Arts & Media
The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition addresses issues of concern to women in the arts, media, and new media through advocacy, networking, and events.  

Americans for the the Arts
Americans for the Arts endeavors to maximize the impact of arts in the U.S. and to ensure that they are always represented in local and national legislation. They focus their efforts on advocacy, research, leadership programs and creating connections for artists across the country.

Americans for the Arts is hosting Arts Advocacy Day on March 24th in Washington D.C. It is a great way to participate in an organized advocacy effort, to learn about the policies that will be affecting you and to join with other artists from around the country to make your voice heard.
Learn more about Arts Advocacy Day.

Community Boards
Many of the Community Boards throughout NYC have committees dedicated to arts and culture. These committees make sure to weigh the impact of board decisions on the arts and culture in their neighborhoods. We would encourage all artists to consider joining a community board.
     Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Join A Community Board.
     Find your Community Board now

There are many advocacy organizations that support Off-Off-Broadway. Did we miss any?  Let us know.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Intern with us this summer!

And speaking of opportunities, the Innovative Theatre Foundation is currently accepting applications for summer interns.

The Innovative Theatre Foundation Internship Program offers a rich and challenging experience for qualified college students, graduates and young professionals who are actively pursuing careers in professional theater. ITF interns are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and have the opportunity to work closely with IT Awards staff and Indie artists in New York City’s large and diverse theater community. Interns will learn about the Independent Theater Community, while building their resume, gaining references and contacts in the New York City performing arts industry.

We offer internships in the following areas:
  • General Management
  • Social Media
  • Production Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Web and Systems Development
  • Video Production

Check out a full description of our internship program.

And turn in an application!

Monday, March 17, 2014

OOB Job Listings

How do you get the word out when you are casting or hiring? Here some great resources for finding help or finding jobs.

Social Media
We're talking about Facebook, Twitter, Email. And if you are going really old school... word of mouth. Basically reaching out to your list of friends and colleagues. The perk is you'll end up with collaborators that you know and have worked with before or you'll get a recommendation from people you trust. And it does not cost you a dime.

If you want to reach beyond your circle, here are some other ideas.

Idealist helps connect people, organizations, and resources. They post both job listings and opportunities for volunteers.

Art Jobs
This site is specifically focused on jobs in the arts and culture sector. There is a fee associated with posting a job listing here.

Backstage has a very robust section of casting notices. Their listings can also be filtered which makes the audition search very convenient.

New York Foundation for the Art (NYFA)
The NYFA classifieds provide job listings as well as internship and volunteer opportunities.

Broadway World
Broadway World features both Equity and NonEquity Auditions as well as a help wanted section. Best of all, it is free to post listings.

NYC Service
This is a citywide initiative "tasked with setting a new standard for how cities can tap the power of their people to tackle their most pressing challenges." Helping non-profit organizations find quality volunteers is one of the programs.

ART/NY Internship Fair
Each year ART/NY hosts an internship fair where students interested in a life in theatre can meet nonprofit theatre companies in New York City.

Backstage Employment Network
This site is dedicated to back stage jobs. It seems to be a relatively new site that we expect will list more opportunities as word about this resource spreads. So we are doing our bit to help it out.

Craig's List
In addition to finding a used couch or a date for Saturday night, Craig's List also includes job postings and volunteer listings.

Theatre Jobs
This site posts audition notices and theatre related job listings. You can also post a resume for employers to browse.

OffStage Jobs
This resource posts "behind-the-scenes" job listings for the live entertainment industry. It specifically includes listings for last minute help and internships.

Do you have other suggestions? We want to hear about them.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Theatre is sharing

"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being."
      ~ Thornton Wilder

Friday, March 14, 2014

Theatrical Unions & Guilds

Unions and guilds provide support and opportunities for their members. They will often help to negotiate contracts, provide protection and advocate on behalf of their membership. In addition, they can provide a framework of best practices for many productions. Here is a list of the unions OOB productions may interact with.

Actor's Eqity (AEA) -
The AEA is a labor union that represents actors and stage manager in live theatre. "Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society."

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC) -
The SDC is a union that represents directors and choreographers. Their mission is to "foster a national community of professional stage Directors and  Choreographers by protecting the rights, health and livelihoods of all our Members."

The Dramatists Guild -
The DG is a professional association for American playwrights. "The Guild protects the rights of dramatists in relation to producers and more recently Directors."

Directors Guild of America (DGA) -
Labor union representing film and television directors, unit production managers, 1st assistant directors, 2nd assistant directors, technical coordinators, tape associate directors, stage managers, and production associates.

United Scenic Artists Local 829 -
USA829 is a labor union for scenic designers and artists. They were organized to "protect craft standards, working conditions and wages for the entertainment and decorative arts industries."

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) -
This is the largest theatrical union. They represent: stagehands, technicians, artisans, and craftpersons; basically anyone who "constructs, installs, maintains, and operates the lighting and sound equipment, the scenery and special effects." NYC Local One -

American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) -
Is a labor union representing performing artists and stage managers working in the variety area, which includes: singers & dancers in touring shows and in theatrical revues, theme park performers, skaters, circus performers, comedians & stand-up comics, cabaret & club artists,lecturers/poets/monologists/spokespersons, and variety performers working at private parties & special events.

American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) -
ASCAP is a membership association that represents composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers. In addition to negotiating licensing and royalties for their members, they are also "committed to nurturing music makers throughout their careers" and provide career development programs.

Freelancers Union -
This union represents freelancers, independent contractors, temporary workers, self-employed workers and people who are simultaneously employed by multiple companies. This association provides its members with options for medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, and solidarity.

Did we miss one?  Let us know...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Favorite OOB Ticket Outlets

We all want the ticket buying experience for our productions to be easy, secure and professional. While audience members can buy tickets at the box office having online options and the ability to pay with a credit card helps us provide flexibility and may even increase attendance.

Virtual box offices provide a convenient way for us to offer reliable, accessible 24/7 ticketing services through secure websites - with very little labor on our part and relatively small transaction fees. Hallelujah!

How many of us remember the days of telephone reservations and cash-only ticket sales?

Here is a list of our favorite ticket outlets:

Also, many of these ticketing agencies also offer additional promotional and marketing opportunities.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Favorite OOB Websites

As subscriptions to newspapers and magazines continue to decline, websites dedicated to theatre and especially Off-Off-Broadway are increasingly important. We've also found that some reviews or articles about OOB that might not make a printed source, will often find a place on their website. Today we are sharing some of our favorite websites that provide news, reviews and listings for OOB.

Theatre Is Easy -
Theasy's mission is to help make theatre accessible for everyone. They are "knowlegeable theatre professionals and insightful audience members who write about what we love." The site provides listings, reviews, artists features and a list of discount tickets.

The Happiest Medium
Of course we love a site that is dedicated to celebrating independent artists. This site offers information, listings, interviews, and reviews. While many of the features focus on Off-Off-Broadway, it also covers other live entertainment including music, burlesque, cabaret and dance. (Dianna Martin says this is one of her favorite OOB websites)

OffOffOnline -
For ten years, OffOffOnline has been covering Off-Off-Broadway. It offers some great insight through interviews, reviews and feature articles. It continues to be a great resource for our community in all five boroughs.

TheaterMania -
TheaterMania is the juggernaut of theatre websites. It provides coverage of the major theatre cities throughout the U.S. (and London). It offers news, reviews, articles, listings, discount tickets and more; including a healthy section dedicated to Off-Off-Broadway.

Broadway World -
Broadway World claims to be "All entertainment, all the time." It just might live up to that claim. It goes far beyond Broadway to also cover: TV, Movies, Fashion, Music, Opera, Dance, Comedy and of course Theatre. It has just about everything. In addition to news, interviews and listings, it also boasts very active message boards and job listings.

TimeOutNY - (or OOB Section specifically)
"Your ultimate guide to New York" is TONY's tagline. And you can't be the "Ultimate" guide to this city without including a robust section dedicated to Off-Off-Broadway. Over the last few years, TONY has increased its coverage of OOB thanks very much to its online presence. The listings and reviews it provides helps spread the word about our productions to TONY's readership of active New Yorkers (and Out-of-towners) seeking attractions and entertainment.

New York Times -
We all know that the New York Times is THE leading source for news in the U.S. So it has a broad readership base. It's Arts Section is one of the best in the world. While The Times has always covered Broadway productions, it was the rare Off-Off-Broadway production that garnered ink. That trend has been changing over the last few years and again online space has provided the extra column inches to include listings and reviews for OOB.

BackStage -
For more than 50 years BackStage has been a resource for actors. Over the last few years its focus has broadened to include coverage of TV, Film and Digital Media. However, theatre is still a key component and you will still find valuable news and reviews for theatre and the OOB community.

There are SOOOOO many great sites we're sure we missed some. What are your favorites?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Arts are essential to the prosperity of the State

“The Arts and Sciences, essential to the prosperity of the State and to the ornament of human life, have a primary claim to the encouragement of every lover of his country and mankind.”
                               ~George Washington

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arts Make Our Heart Sing

“It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”
                                   ~ Steve Jobs, 2011

Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite Indie Theatre Blogs

We have dedicated March to resources for Off-Off-Broadway and Indie Theatre. We thought we'd start by providing a list of some of our favorite and most useful blogs.

NYTheatre Now - is a companion blog for Indie Theatre Now and offers some great insight into the plays, playwrights and process of creating the work that we are seeing now on Indie stages.

I Interview Playwrights -
For nearly 10 years, Adam Szymkowicz has been interviewing playwrights and talking about theatre here in NYC. It is really one of the best ways to get to know about the work, the process and the people who are creating new American theatre.

DirectorSpeak -
Our good friend Cat Parker started DirectorSpeak as a way for her to engage other directors, explore their process, insights, rants and career goals and difficulties, and then share those discoveries with us.

StoryCraft -
Janie Bullard is a sound designer "making it happen" Off-Off-Broadway. She interviews some of the amazing designers who work miracles in the tiny 99-seat (and smaller) black box spaces that we all call home.

Visible Soul -
Through his very popular series "People You Should Know," Zach Calhoon has been interviewing indie theatre artists since 2007. It is an impressive catalog of subjects representing some of the most prolific artists in the city.

Howl Around -
This is a great blog, where theatre artists from around the country share opinions, ideas, best practices and stories. They also have a great map of where new plays are being produced in the U.S. (Shawn Harris says this is one of her favorite blogs)

Fractured Atlas Blog -
This blog has a lot of good discussions about self production, arts administration, funding and developing the business side of our artistic endeavors.

ARTSBlog -
This blog explores arts on a national level with specific interests in arts eduction, arts marketing, public art and the politics or advocacy of art.

The Clyde Fitch Report -
This is a very thoughtful blog that "acts as the nexus of arts and politics." This forum welcomes debate and encourages readers and contributors to teach, learn and engage each other and their communities in the important issues of the day. (Bryne Harrison says this is one of his favorite blogs)

2AMt -
"2 AM is when the ideas start to flow." That's why David J. Loehr and the founders of this blog called it 2AMt. This blog is a place for theatre creators to connect, brainstorm, explore ideas, share experiences and address issues. (Shawn Harris says this is one of her favorite blogs)

Other cool theatre related blogs that we LOVE:

Arts Management & Technology Laboratory from Carnegie Mellon University
That Sounds Cool  created by Aaron Riccio
Theatre for Nerds created by Charles Battersby
On Theatre and Politics created by Matthew Freeman
Createquity created by Ian David Moss

Did we miss your favorite blog?  Let us know.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Off-Off-Broadway Resources

We have dedicated March to resources and services that are helpful to Off-Off-Broadway productions.

Do you have a list of your favorite resources?  What are they?

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Outstanding Stage Manager Award 2014

Did you have an Outstanding Stage Manager this season?

Help us recognize them by submitting an application for the Outstanding Stage Manager Award.

If you registered a production with the IT Awards this season, then your Stage Manager is eligible for this award. Just complete the application.

Read about our previous recipients:

2013 Outstanding Stage Manager, Abbey Bay

2012 Outstanding Stage Manager, Katie Kavett

2011 Outstanding Stage Manager, Laura Schlachtmeyer

2010 Outstanding Stage Manager, Jaimie Van Dyke

2009 Outstanding Stage Manager, Jillian Zeman