Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Passing the Baton

Friends and Community Members,

The Innovative Theatre Foundation first started in 2003. Since that time, the founders (Shay, Nick, and Jason) have supported the Off-Off-Broadway and Indie theatre community through their work with the New York Innovative Theatre Awards (It Awards) and other programs of the Innovative Theatre Foundation. 

The It Awards have become an important part of our community, providing support, building awareness and audiences, and recognizing some of the amazing work that is being presented on our stages.

As we all know, lives change and evolve, just as the OOB community itself does. Several years ago, Jason moved back to Utah, though he returns each year to help produce the awards ceremony. Nick has a beautiful wife and baby boy and an incredibly exciting and creative, but demanding new job. Over the last few years, Shay has faced some serious health crisis while continuing to take on additional responsibilities at her office.

While the last 15 years has brought changes, we all feel that the foundation is still relevant and continues to have work to do within the community. We feel that the organization not only deserves, but is ready to take the next step. To ensure that the foundation has that opportunity to grow and develop, Nick and Shay have decided that it is time to step aside and let some new blood and energy take the reigns.

Therefore, over the next few months the Foundation will be accepting nominations and applications for key leadership positions at the organization. These positions include
the Head of Programming, the Head of Development & Operations, and the Head of Outreach and Marketing.

Akia Squitieri has been an integral part of the It Awards since the very first public event 14 years ago and has had a hand in virtually all areas of the organization. She has been a driving force within the organization and the community ever since. We are happy to announce that she will remain with the foundation taking on a senior leadership role.  

A transition period will take place over the next 18 months as Shay and Nick help phase in the new leaders of the organization. Shay and Nick will then take on roles as members of the Board of Directors.

If you are reading this, you are a member of our community and we’d like it very much if you would help us spread the word!  We are hoping for a large and diverse candidate pool from which to select potential new leaders. We are especially looking for people who love theater in general, and indie theater specifically!  There are, of course, several requirements for each position which can be found at the links below. Interested parties should follow directions at the bottom of the description to apply for the position.

This is an important next step for the Innovative Theatre Foundation and we appreciate your continued support.