Friday, October 19, 2012

Mint Offline Social Interaction

Hey Net Pals,

My BFF and I were looking to disconnect from the info tube, venture wirelessly for an evening and try something authentic; you know some sort of nondigital connectivism.  I pinged my contacts and got a P2P response with 411 on this thing called “theatre” or “theater” ???

\’thee-uh-ter, theeuh\  n 1: a building designed for performances 2: the world of actors, theatrical companies, etc

I thought it sounded totally mint, but It turns out that this thing has been around like 4EVs. And I’m like “Am I Code 11 or just completely Code 404?”

We were given an ETA and told 2b@ a certain place. It was sort of like a PUG or a flash mob, because a bunch of other people showed up 2. I was like “OMG this is 2G2BT.” We all went into this CSA space that was sort of like a synchronous chat room, but in RL. I f2f IM’d the guy next to me to check out his status. He poked me back. 

It got really dark and when they ttlo these people came out as avatars and interacted with user generated content. Srsly it was like 3D live streaming, but offline. My BFF was all “this is OTW.”  I LOL. I had TIME. I had the BTE. 

At the end, there was LLTA and I was all, “this is kickass crowdsourcing.” I was going to google the network of participants, but they had already tagged the avatars in an e-reader made out of paper that they downloaded to the audience. It was so awesomely old school.  

Afterword my BFF, the rhgir and his friend DM’d one another and continued the thread at the bar next door. It was a gr8 night. WOOT WOOT!  

Are you seeking an experience that is: live, multi-platform, interactive, immediate, social, 3D and peer-to-peer; something you can do with a friend, a fan, a member, a follower, list, groups, forums or networks? Then bookmark your favorite OOB company and set your protocol to receive: updates, messages, posts, tweets, newsfeeds, RSS, and invites.

It is sure to be the BTE!   ;-)  

End of Message

BFF = Best Friends Forever
P2P = Peer-to-Peer
411 = Information
4Evs = Forever
Code 11 = Out of Date
Code 404 = Clueless
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
2b@ = To be at
PUG = Pickup Group
OMG = Oh my god
2G2BT = Too good to be true
CSA = Cool Sweet Awesome
RL = Real Life
f2f = face-to-face
IM = Instant Message
OTW = Out of this world
ttlo = turn the lights on
Srsly = Seriously
LOL = laughed out loud
TIME = tears in my eyes
BTE = Best time ever
LLTA = Lots and lots of thunderous applause
rhgir =  Really hot guy in the room
DM = Direct Message
Gr8 = great

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