Monday, June 18, 2007

Reaching Out...

WOW! My first IT Awards blog – Well, I suppose I should introduce myself…Morgan Lindsey Tachco - the new Community Relations Manager for the It Awards – Part of the beginnings of an entirely new Outreach department! So happy to be working with everyone…

I am fortunate enough to be working in Off-Off Broadway full time as the Artistic Producer for Horse Trade. I am also an Actor and Box Office Assistant at Second Stage Theatre – long story short; I hope to have a lot to bring to the IT Awards. Partnering with these fine folks opens up many different points of view by getting even more circles together – as if you didn't think our community was close enough! J

At any rate, I'll be working hard to get the word out more about this great organization and everything it does and can do for the community, er – you.

A couple of things…

Take the Survey!
One of the great things this organization has the ability to do is be an advocate for Off-Off Broadway as a whole, and we need some hard facts to do so. It's anonymous, it'll take you ten minutes, let your voice be heard! Pass it on to other producers…

The New York Innovative Theatre Awards' process captures the spirit of the community by opening it up to itself. Register your show so it can be seen by an IT Judge, and you can see great theatre for free as a judge yourself.

Tell your friends! Tell your audiences! Tell everyone! Spread the word about not only our awards ceremony, but our grants, and the coalition for code reform.
Sign the Petition, and educate yourself on this important subject. Save the date for the big convocation – July 8th!

Don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter. I mean, that's how Nancy and I got in on the IT Awards! Going into the summer, we will just be getting busier...wouldn't you like to know?

Have a great week everyone!

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