Sunday, June 8, 2008

Advice for working with an OOB publicist

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Here is some insight on working with a Publicist/Press Agent.

* Once you decide to work with a press agent the most important thing you can do is have coordinated communication with them and make it a collaborative process. Make sure that you provide them in a timely manner with the following:

Name of Show
Cast List and contact info plus bios
Company Name and bio/mission
Theater (and address)
Ticket Vendor
Available Discounts/codes
Website Address
Running time of show
Photos, from previous productions, from rehearsals, headshots and high-quality production photos
Video, from previous productions
Past Press

* Working with a publicist should require more interaction from the company, not less. Constantly present your publicist with story ideas, contacts to press, and follow-up with them to make sure that you feel that they are working in your favor. However, do not contact the press on your own, once you hire a press agent, it is their job to be the sole contact on behalf of the production with the media.

* If you don't know how to write your bio, contact the press agent for support. S/he should be able to walk you through the process so that you will have a bio to build upon.

* Make sure you have a great headshot (if you are an actor). That is your tool to promoting yourself. Before picking your final photo, have at least 3 people look at the options, including a publicist.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Katie Rosin
Publicist IT Awards
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