Thursday, May 14, 2009

A case for stimulus money for OOB

From Erez Ziv

I think as a community we have a great argument to make for getting some of the money the government is going to be handing out shortly.

We can keep people in the city at relatively low wages. Many people who work in finance as administrators and personal assistants would jump at the chance of working in an arts organization even if it means taking a pay cut. I know people who have made that leap from 50-60k working in the financial sector to 30k working for non-profits (back when finance work was plentiful) and were quite happy about it. Now those finance jobs are no longer secure and departments are being cut for efficiency.

For the amount of money it takes the government to sustain a person on unemployment they can almost sustain them in a non-profit job that will in turn create more local spending.

I think this is the direction we should be pushing in, I don't think corporate funding is going to be any easier. However, the government has money they need to spend, we just need to talk them into spending it our way.

Erez Ziv
Co-Founder / Managing Director
Horse Trade Theater Group

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