Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Community Board


Community Boards throughout the 5 boroughs make resolutions that effect their neighborhoods. They make recommendations to local and civic leaders about how they want their community to run. Often land use & zoning decisions, city budgets, and many other programs must begin by getting approval from the community boards. Their voices resonate deeply with elected officials and their input is felt in profound ways.

Members of these boards have a birds eye view of important civic activities long before they are making headlines. It is very important for those of us in the OOB community to be in touch with our colleagues on the community boards. It is important for us to be aware of what is being presented to these boards. It is perhaps even more important for us to become members of these community boards.

To that end, here is Shay's Top 5 Reasons to Join a Community Board
  1. It is an opportunity for us to educate the members of the community board about the challenges and needs of OOB on a personal level
  2. You can act as a conduit to help inform the OOB community about important activities and opportunities
  3. You can network on behalf of the OOB community, make connections and act as a contact for OOB
  4. You will have insights into how your community board works and what is important to those neighborhoods
  5. You get to vote. You will get to help make the decisions and recommendations that shape New York City
Find your Community Board Now.

2010 Applications for Manhattan Community Boards Membership is now available at Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer's website.


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