Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest Blogger next week: Heather Cunningham


Thanks so much to Zachary Mannheimer for his inspiring and thought provoking blogs last week.

Next weeks guest blogger is Heather Cunningham.

Heather Cunningham is the producing artistic director of Retro Productions, a 6 time IT Award nominated Off-Off-Broadway company. Although an actress first, Heather’s “survival jobs” have included administrative positions such as project manager (United Stages), box office treasurer, and development associate. While a resident company member at the historic Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, her many non-acting assignments included box office assistant, costume shop and stock manager, costume designer, master painter (scenery), administrative assistant, literary manager, and coordinator for a festival of short plays. Heather has performed in New York City for Retro Productions and River Heights Productions (which she co-founded), Threads New Work Series, Kef Productions, New York Theatre Workshop, Confluence Theatre Company, The Vital Theatre, and New York Play Development, among others, as well as cabaret rooms around the city. Of her performance as Cheryl in Emily Mann's Still Life Marc Miller named hers a "Performance to Remember, 2007" and said she "burst with working-class outrage and resentment yet made you care for this lost soul without begging for sympathy. And in an evening of three monologues, she played off the other two actors, never showily but always eloquently." Heather was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, Jack, has been a director and set designer and her mother, Rebecca, recently retired as professor of costume design and construction at Brooklyn College. Rebecca is also the author of the costume texts The Magic Garment, Principles of Costume Design and Basic Sewing for Costume Construction. Heather is fiercely proud of her parents, themselves a IT Award nominated set design team.


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