Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guest Blogger of the week: Brad Burgess


We would like to thank Roman Feeser for being our guest blogger last week.

Next week's blogger is Brad Burgess.

Brad Burgess joined The Living Theatre as an original cast member of the 2007 revival of The Brig by Kenneth Brown directed by Judith Malina. He quickly became part of the directing efforts at The Living as understudy ensemble director for the show, later co-directing the piece in Los Angeles. The play won two OBIES for direction and ensemble, Best of Theatre NY Times 07 and LA Times 08, as well as capturing Best Foreign Play in Italy, for its tour in Germany and Italy. He assistant directed Maudie and Jane starring Judith Malina, with then company director Hanon Reznikov, Malina's second husband/co-director of The Living. Tragically, Hanon suffered a stroke in 2008, leaving Malina, at 83 without the help she needed. Since that time Brad has mustered up as much courage as possible to help her run The Living Theatre, helping her direct new works Eureka! and Red Noir and playing Ernie in the 50th year anniversary revival of The Connection. He is now Associate Artistic Director and Administrative Director at The Living Theatre on Clinton Street in the LES, Manhattan.


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