Monday, June 21, 2010

Guest Blogger of the week: Rebecca Comtois

We would like to thank Leigh Goldenberg for her unique perspective and thought provoking blogs last week.

We are excited to announce the guest blogger for this week, Rebecca Comtois.

Rebecca Comtois is originally from New Hampshire Rebecca moved to New York in 2005 because it’s damned cold in New England.  She is an actor, producer, and designer with Nosedive Productions, and can be seen currently in their production of The Little One going up this June and July at the Kraine Theater.  Other recent productions include Viral (Gideon Productions), Infectious Opportunity (Nosedive Productions), As You Like It (Boomerang Theatre Company), The Blood Brothers present... The Master of Horror (Nosedive Productions), Suspicious Package (The Brick Theater), The Adventures of Nervous Boy (Nosedive Productions), and Q&A (The Brick Theater). 


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