Monday, September 13, 2010

we like it when artists are busy

Unfortunately, we will not be hearing from Kevin Doyle (Playwright, Director and Artistic Director of Sponsored By Nobody) after all. The unexpected demands of producing and rehearsing a show have kept Kevin super busy this week and he was unable to respond to my questions. Of course, this is one of the challenges of wearing multiple hats--there just it not always enough time in the day to get everything done. But, we try!! So, I leave you all with one final question as we wrap up the week's discussion. DO ARTISTS MAKE BETTER PRODUCERS? I know I have my opinion--but what does everyone else think? Love to hear from you.
Thanks again for having me and many thanks to Michael and Liz for their participation.
En Avant!

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  1. Historically speaking, that's kind of what they did. But for me, I'd rather not produce if I can help it. I know it sounds weird, considering what I'm doing with Crossroads Theatre Project (which takes a lot of inspiration from 13P), but I suppose having to straddle the artistic and administrative elements simultaneously (say, for a production of my own work) is a bit much. Now, if we're talking about alternating between producing and other things, that's OK - crucial, even. I think it's very important for the artists to be involved as stakeholders in the process.