Sunday, February 27, 2011

International Theatre Month


In honor of World Theatre Day (March 27th) we are dedicating March to the  International Theatre community. We have some great bloggers lined up.  Please stop by, ask questions and share your thoughts about how the OOB/Indie theatre community can be a part of the international theatre community. And also check out the NYC World Theatre Day blog.
We are very excited that our first blogger for International Theatre Month is David Diamond.

David J. Diamond's current projects include organizing and coordinating (along with Mia B. Yoo) the La MaMa International Symposium for Directors, now entering its 12th year, the La MaMa Playwrights Retreat in its fifth year and Master Acting Workshops. The Programs bring artists from around the world together to exchange ideas and interact creatively through workshops, rehearsals and performances. They take place at La MaMa Umbria in Spoleto, Italy in July and August. David serves on the Steering Committee for Theatre Without Borders and was one of the organizers of the 2010 Conference: Acting Together on the World Stage: Theatre and Peacebuilding in Conflict Zones. Current projects include creating a new theatre piece with musicians and other artists in Kurdistan and working with Ajoka Theater in Lahore, Pakistan on creating a theatre school, stabilizing the Company and actor training. He works with the US Army mentoring directors on Army bases in Europe. David teaches workshops for artists in career development at Yale School of Drama, Columbia University, National Theater Institute, DePaul University, among other colleges. He has an MA in Performance Studies from NYU. 

Do you want to get involved with the World Theatre Day activities here in  NYC?
Productions that have a performance on March 25-28 in NYC and would like to participate can register their production at To participate in World Theatre Day SPLAT Performances email For updates and more information check out the website at, follow the twitter feed @nycwtd or become a fan on facebook.


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