Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Blogger of the Week: Stephanie Cox-Williams

We would like to thank Christine O’Grady for blogging for us, especially right in the middle of rehearsals for her production of Iron Curtain

And we have a real treat for you this week as our guest blogger is Stephanie Cox-Williams.

Stephanie Cox-Williams is currently Company Manager of Nosedive Productions.  She is an Actress, Special/Gore FX Designer, Director and Fight Choreographer for Independent Theater.  Acting credits include: Actress B in in the great expanse of space, there is nothing to see but more, more, more (Matt Freeman/the Brick), Dolly in Final Girl-The Blood Brother’s Present…Freaks from the Morgue, Grandma Blood in The Blood Brother’s Present…Pulp, Flora and Mother in The Little One (Nosedive Productions), Gorman in Starboat (Nosedive/Vampire Cowboys-Saloon), Louisa in The Fantasticks; Film: Girl in Houseguests (Broken Windows Productions).  Special/Gore FX credits include: Theatre – Zombie Wedding (RC Staab/The NY Fringe), Death Valley (Antimatter Collective), The Blood Brother’s Present…Anthologies, The Little One (Nosedive Productions),  Neighborhood 3 (SPF); Film –Houseguests, evermore and Monday (part of Sinister Six Must Be Destroyed festival), named "Queen of Gore" by the NY Press in 2009 and the “Tom Savini of Off-Off-Broadway” by the NY Times.   Director credits include: Various Shorts for The Blood Brother’s Present…Anthologies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Barefoot in the Park Fight Choreography: Senile Agitation (The Draft Festival), His Beauty (Planet Connections), Room With No View (The Blood Brother’s Present…The New Guignol), The Story of Icarus Phoenix (Fight Fest 2009). She has she received a BA in Theatre, a Musical Theatre Conservatory degree and a Masters of Art in Educational Theatre.  She has started and will hopefully someday complete her epic story of Icarus Phoenix and the Zombie War, cause, you know, there aren’t enough theater pieces about Zombies out there.

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