Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where is the diversity on OOB stages?

In 2010 the Innovative Theatre Foundation released the report "Demographic Study of Off-Off-Broadway Practitioners." Among many other statistics we examined the racial breakdown of those people working OOB.

Here are our findings:

Compare this with the racial breakdown of New York City.

 NYC statistics recorded Hispanic/Latino separately as part of ethnicity. They note that 26.98% of NYC residence are Hispanic/Latino.

The Indie Theatre Community more closely resembles the National racial make-up.

Indie artists perform in theatres and neighborhoods through out NYC. How can we increase the diversity both on stage and off? How can we be more inclusive of the people who live in the neighborhoods where we perform? How can we make connections with other community organizations that serve diverse audiences? How can we be more a part of the communities and neighborhoods where we perform?

This month we will explore some of these questions among many others.

Please join the conversation.

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  1. Writing script with parts geared toward ethnic minorities would be a good start.