Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why do the Arts Matter in New York State?

The following information comes from the Arts NYS Coalition: Helping the Arts to Thrive in New York State

For more on these statistics, visit their site

Why do the Arts Matter in New York State?

  1. New York State is home to 53,085 arts-related businesses that employ 335,683 people. >more
  2. New York City’s nonprofit cultural sector generated $5.8 billion in economic impact and 40,500 jobs. >more
  3. The economic impact of Westchester County’s nonprofit arts and culture industry is $119.88 million with 3779 jobs. >more
  4. Greater Buffalo’s Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations is $155.2 million. >more
  5. The nonprofit arts and culture are a $21 million industry in the Northern Adirondack region that supports 506 jobs. >more
  6. The Arts in Onondaga County yields $70 million and 1060 jobs. >more
  7. In Monroe County, the arts have an annual economic impact of roughly $200 million and yield over 6,300 jobs.

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