Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Future is Now: Science Fiction on Indie Stages

Through books and films, the science fiction genre has captured the imagination of audiences around the world. However only the very bold would consider presenting sci-fi in a live performance. Such an undertaking has unique challenges. Of course in the world of Off-Off-Broadway the phrase "unique challenges" is tantamount to "we can't wait to find a way to make it work." So it is not surprising that Indie theatres are spearheading the rise and expansion of this trend.

We have some great contributors lined up this month who will be exploring the challenges, psychology, and future of this genre in live theatre:

Charles Battersby, Playwright and Journalist
Jen Gunnels, Theatre Editor for the New York Review of Science Fiction
Kelley Holley, Literary Manager of Science Fiction Theatre Company
Vincent Ularich, Artistic Director of Science Fiction Theatre Company
Dan Wolpow, Playwright

and more....

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