Thursday, November 6, 2014

Diversifying Your Creative Portfolio


I know, "Diversifying Your Creative Portfolio" sounds like a lot of marketing speak; so what are we talking about? We are talking about artists and companies who are not just doing theatre, but are using their theatrical skills to also create films, web series and other exciting projects.

Many of the skills and experiences used for creating a theatrical production are the same as those used for creating a film and vice versa. Of course there are skills that are specific to each medium and artists are expanding their talents and knowledge to bridge these various creative outlets. Sometimes these projects result in interesting cross-overs that integrate both focuses.

The fact that emerging technology makes equipment and software more accessible both through cost and usability, and the internet provides an incredibly powerful and effective distribution tool gives artists the room to experiment and learn. Ultimately, it means that we will be seeing more hybrid projects and more artists that are proficient, if not experts in multiple areas.

This month we have asked some artists from the Indie Theatre community who branch out into other mediums to talk about their experiences and current projects.

We have a pretty exciting line up of contributors:

  • Jason Cicci
  • Jennifer Gordon Thomas
  • Guy Olivieri
  • Montserrat Mendez 
  • DeLisa White
  • Stephen Bittrich
  • Steven Klein

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