Friday, September 4, 2015

Breathing New Life: Outstanding Revival of A Play

Contributed by Conor O'Brien

To breathe new life into an established script comes with its own set of unique challenges. While upholding the text of the playwright, an artist must allow their creativity to operate outside of the set parameters previous productions have set. To accomplish this with outstanding results truly shows an innovative approach to theater! The IT Awards are proud to recongize the 2015 Nominees for Oustanding Revival of a Play:

The Butter and Egg Man, Retro Productions
Fiction, Play.Sing.Give.

Much Ado About Nothing, Smith Street Stage, Inc.

R & J & Z, Hard Sparks

Talk Radio, Variations Theatre Group

Within the Law
, Metropolitan Playhouse

Before these outstanding revivals were staged brave artistic souls had to decide to offer their talents to give new life to established scripts.

We asked each of the nominated shows producers what attracted them to the productions?

J.Stephen Brantley (of R & J & Z)

Melody Bates' new play is both a love letter to the Bard and a fierce rebuke to all that is wrong with Shakespeare. In her supernatural sequel to Romeo And Juliet, the women are warriors. It's not the men who ultimately save Verona from the zombie apocalypse. For all the blood - and there was loads of blood in this show - the piece is ultimately about personal freedom, cultural transformation, and love so true that even death falls down before it. Melody has some magic, and director Joan Jubett is one of the most sensitive and incisive directors I've ever known.                                   

Alex Roe (of Within The Law)
Exploring questions of justice and criminal process through a year old play is a remarkable opportunity to cast a new light on a system we criticize, fear, or take for granted and question its inequities from a distance that helps us see them more clearly.  Plus it's a great melodramatic nailbiter.


Stacy Lynn Gould (of Fiction)
We are interested in pieces that require very little other than the connection between people and fantastic writing. Fiction was so clever and the chemistry was practically built in between the characters. We wanted to do a piece that was intimate and made the audience unsure as to who to root for. It was a piece involving beautifully flaw filled people.


Heather Cunningham (of The Butter & Egg Man
Since we produce 20th Century period work I'd been looking for a 1920's set play for some time. When it was time to chose a production for our 10th Anniversary season I thought of this play, set in the 20's, about producing a play and thought that it would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 10th year of producing plays.


Greg Cicchino (of Talk Radio)
It's a 90 minute nonstop rollercoaster that drills deep into a man's place in society and the universe.

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