Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rising Sun Performance Company receives Donn Russell Fund Grant

In its 15 years, Rising Sun Performance Company has created over 100 productions and worked with hundreds of artists. This prolific and energetic company holds process, community and respect for the artists as the most important aspects of their work. This philosophy is exemplified by their 27 point manifesto, which includes items such as “there’s always room for a new idea;" “this isn’t a passing thru place, this is a home" and "every member must take ownership of the entire production, we are a team, and we do not abandon others to do the dirty work."

If you attend any of their performances, you will be moved by how welcoming this group is; you will be impressed with how much joy they infuse into their work and; you will be humbled by how dedicated the artists are to each other.

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“The work they do and the artistic environment they create allows artists to explore their creativity to the fullest.  Rising Sun allows performers to stretch themselves in a safe and nurturing atmosphere which enables us to produce remarkable performances.”
                                             ~ Elizabeth Burke, Ensemble Member

“Rising Sun isn’t just a theater company.  It’s family. Rising Sun is as fearless as they come.” ~ Mark Cornell, Playwright

"Rising Sun is one of those rare Indie Theater companies that creates a family of artists and truly focuses on the work or the story that needs to be told. Our community is more important than the goal of any single individual in the company; therefore, our work is collaborative and fueled with passion that comes from everyone in the company. I think that's why Rising Sun is so awesome - it emphasizes community and makes the work its centerpiece." ~Lauren Fischetti, Assistant Producer

RSPC's production of ERIK by John Patrick Bray
“I remember standing shirtless behind Under St. Mark’s Theatre during our run of Hellcab in 2005. It was December, close to midnight. We were all freezing. It was all so romantic and crazy. Our laughter kept us warm. Moments later, we were back under the hot lights in different costumes, playing different roles, something you learn to do when you are part of an ensemble cast. I miss those days terribly. There will always be some part of me behind the theatre, looking at the starless night sky, the ice, and the glow coming from the window. I am the artist and teacher that I am today because of the love, generosity, and the warm kinship of RSPC, who took me into their fold.”
                    ~John Patrick Bray, Resident Playwright  & Co-Literary Manager

"There is a feeling of camaraderie and acceptance in this group that I can’t quite explain”
                   ~ Julie Bain, Former Ensemble Member

"It is very gratifying to participate in a group of artists always working to achieve their best. It's great to have the opportunity to be challenged and grow as an artist, to find a home and people that are as passionate as you are."   ~ Patrick J. Egan- Former Ensemble Member

"Great people, great theatre, great support...what could be better"
                     ~ Samantha Turret, Ensemble Member 

We are proud to present the Rising Sun Performance Company with a grant from the Donn Russell Fund. Currently RSPC is endeavoring to raise $15K in honor of their 15th season. We hope you will join us in helping them realize this goal.

Congratulations to Rising Sun Performance Company for receiving a Donn Russell Fund grant! 

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   * RSPC productions of Sprucehaven B photo by N-K Photography, Firebird photo by  Choo Yut Shing and Simon Yeo via, and Theatre MashUp

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