Thursday, August 17, 2017

Anais Nin Goes to Hell

Written by David Stallings
Directed by Antonio Minino
Produced by Manhattan Theatre Works (MTWorks) in association with Goode Productions

Nominations: Outstanding Costume Design, Izzy Fields

Photos by Jody Christopherson

About the Company: MTWorks is dedicated to discovering new plays that challenge our perception of diversity (ethnic, economic, geographic, gender, sexuality or creed).  They foster  innovative playwrights that boldly take risks in theme, structure, time-period and location by collaborating with exceptional theatre artists to develop their plays through our Living Room Series, Newborn Festival and mainstage productions.

About the Production: Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell is an existential comedy centered around some of the most powerful and memorable women of history (Queen Victoria, Cleopatra, Andromeda, Heloise, Joan of Arc) as they wait on an island in the river Styx for the final leg of their soul’s journey to eternal peace or damnation. Their monotonous afterlife is shaken up when women’s lib icon and erotica writer Anaïs Nin arrives to the island planting seeds of change.

“Izzy Fields' costume design is the perfect marriage of historical accuracy and theatrical representation.” ~Ran Xia, Theatre Is Easy


What first attracted you to this project?
Izzy: The director's personal connection to the show and how inventive the world was!

What was your favorite thing about working on this production?

Izzy: The people. It was a great cast and crew.

What was the most challenging thing about working on this production?

Izzy: Finding a good balance between the darkness of the set and the darkness of the costumes. When you have dark on dark you run the risk of having actors be just floating heads.

What was it like working with MTWorks?

Izzy: Our producers and directors, its a really tight knit group and everyone is so supportive.

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