Thursday, May 24, 2007

The difference between the LA 99 Seat Code and the NYC Showcase Code

Several people have asked what is the difference between the LA 99 Seat Code and the NYC Showcase Code. The LA 99 Seat Plan is similar to the NYC Showcase Code in that it allows producers to use Equity actors without putting up a bond and without paying Equity's wage compensation. For both of these codes, Equity considers the actors to be volunteers and the productions must take place in a theatre of 99 seats or less.

While many of the rules and regulations are the same for both, they do differ in some significant ways:
  1. The LA 99 Seat Plan allows 60 performances and you are allowed to extend for an additional 20 performances with permission from Equity.
  2. They are allowed 6 weeks of rehearsals (NYC is allowed 4 weeks) and if they are working under the "Extended Rehearsal and Performance Plan" they are allowed 8 weeks.
  3. They are allowed up to 36 hours per week of rehearsals
  4. In NYC Equity members are allowed in free to all Equity Showcase productions (based on availability) in LA Equity members are allowed to purchase 1/2 price tickets on all unsold tickets at curtain time.
  5. In NYC showcase producers are not allowed to video tape or record any part of any performance or rehearsal for any reason ever. In LA 30 minutes of a regularly scheduled performance or rehearsal is allowed to be recorded and upto 3 minutes of that recording is allowed to be broadcast.
  6. There are some agreements in LA that allow performers to be paid anywhere from $7 - $25 per performance based on the size of the house and the ticket price.
  7. Ticket prices for the LA plan can be upto $34.99.

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