Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to our Blog!

Hi Everyone! My name is Akia, I am the company manager of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. It is my fun job to kick off our official blog! We are all looking forward to making our myspace page more active, getting to know more fabulous theatre people and sharing some of our own insights, thoughts, updates and a little behind the scenes look at our organization and the people behind it.

After many discussions about starting this blog, we realized that we know about many of the New York City theatre companies, and their members, but it is quite possible that many of you only know the names of staff but not much else. Over the next couple of months each of our staffers will be contributing to our blog. Look for a new blog each week.

We hope that you'll enjoy reading our blog as much as we'll enjoy writing it.

There will be lots more to come!


Company Manager
New York Innovative Theatre Awards

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