Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 (well, 11) Stress Tips for Producers!

10 (well, 11) Stress Tips for Producers!

or, how I am learning that it's really life that stresses me out.

A few tips on how to handle the tiny little bumps in the road of a life in the theatre.

  1. CHOOSE WISELY. Everything. No pressure.
  2. Drink. IMPORTANT!!! Only drink in celebratory states! For example: "my venue won't let me bring that couch in, my god my director's going to kill me – I will get a couple of beers to relax," DOESN'T WORK! This will only make you drink more after you forgot to eat, and not want to talk to people tomorrow. Which you most certainly have to do. Good occasions: Opening Nights! Or better yet: Closing nights….drink tea.
  3. IT MUST BE YOU! IT MUST BE YOU! Really??? I mean, not everyone is meant to work together. The sooner we realize this, recognize it, and move on, the happier we all will be. The show must go on, but it will close at some point. Let everyone do their jobs, smile, keep it moving.
  4. I AM WATER. Remember your friends' advice, (read their blogs – thank you Shay) and the advice of those Zen, All I really need to know in life I learned from…stocking stuffer books you go this year….it's only theatre! No one walks out with a lisp! (I hope). So you can't sleep.... Sleep's overrated. So your thoughts won't stop…STOP! SLEEP! Your partner in bed next to you is snoring, in slumber land, if there is such a thing – you wake up intermittently with to-do lists…MEDITATE! That's it. Call them tomorrow. You can't do it now. You've never done it before, but you'd like to do something new… it's a new year, after all! OK, ok….hands over your eyes. Breathe. So you forgot that email. You can't "om;" he's asleep...MANTRA! You could use a good mantra anyway. How about you clear your thoughts and see what comes. Forget the emails! Mantra, mantra…Mine from last night? "My (because it's personalized) peace (because that's what I need) will be in a daily mind."??? Well, you slept anyway.
  5. YOUR NON-THEATRE FRIENDS DON'T REALLY GET IT. It's true. They just don't. No matter how hard you try, they will never understand that tech week is the equivalent of moving. So if they thought about it, throw in NYC life for most people, the fact that you've decided to produce, and you're moving at least three times a year. Because when you do move, you are moving your last three theatre company's sets as well. Hey, you never know.
  6. OPENING NIGHT! Have a drink. Take the next day off of work.
  7. RECOGNIZE YOUR SUCCESSES! You got great reviews!!!! Everyone is happy and calm and dining on the fruits of their artistic labor! Now fill the house.
  8. SO the house wasn't as full as it should have been and you didn't make any money, that blogger hated your show, you shouldn't have cast the girl you worked brunch with that one time.
  9. YOU DID IT. You can write home and tell them, "I moved to New York, and I do theatre."
  10. LEARN from your successes and mistakes. Start planning the next one! No one walks out with a lisp.
  11. MY PEACE will be in a daily mind.

- Morgan Lindsey Tachco

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