Sunday, January 20, 2008

From the Pregnancy Haze...Audience Building

Well, with T-minus 66 hours to go until my scheduled c-section (baby girl green is due to arrive Wednesday, January 23), I sit down to write my IT Awards blog with some Audience building advice for OOB.

One of the biggest struggles facing OOB these days is PBIS (Putting Butts In Seats). It takes an entire army or the best efforts of everyone in a company implementing a coordinated effort of Marketing, Public Relations, and Audience Building to successfully PBIS.

But what does Audience Building mean? And how does one implement it?

Well, it can mean a variety of things and here are some of my top 5 FREE tips to increasing awareness for your OOBR company...and it helps if everyone involved with the show and theatre company implement these tools:

1. Add an email signature with a link to your theatre company's website, upcoming show information, and ticket information--this means every email you send out will have this information accompanying it.

2. Carry your postcards or company business card with you at all times. You are a walking billboard for your company and you can talk about it whenever and wherever you are...think the receptionist at your doctor's office.

3. Send an email blast to your entire email list with information on your upcoming show. Have your marketing director/graphic designer create something eye-catching for you to send out. Create a ticket discount with a special "Friends/Family" code so they know they are getting a special deal.

4. Utilize FREE social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook. Build your friend lists and continually add to it. Don't forget to build the show events into the pages. Other ideas include making short videos to post to SuperWalls and blogs! (Just don't film the equity actors in rehearsal or on-stage, this is a "no-no" with equity.)

5. Plan talk-backs, special events, benefits, networking events, and more with other organizations which will in turn promote your show for you.

I look forward to seeing more BIS this 2008 season.

Feel free to contact me with questions,

Katie Rosin
Press Agent
IT Awards

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