Friday, October 22, 2010

I Love Tech


Contributed by Guest Blogger of the week Tom Wojtunik.

I was off to a good blogging start this week, and then I got swallowed up in load-in and tech for MilkMilkLemonade.

Jennifer Harder in tech for MilkMilkLemonade
Photo by Syndey Maresca

Is anything better than tech?

I seriously live for the first day the actors get to play on the set. I am still surprised every time by how much better lighting makes everything look. It’s a thrill watching talented artists collaborate to solve big problems on the fly. But best of all, I love the loopy bonding that happens in the long hours of sitting in the dark of tech. I actually think that kind of bonding (or lack thereof) can make or break a show. In the best-case scenario, a palpable energy is created that permeates the theater—and if it’s strong enough, it can propel you through to opening night.

I feel so lucky to be in the room for this tech. It’s a hoot watching the oh-so-talented original cast (from last season’s production at UNDER St. Mark’s), explore the much bigger set. Directors don’t often get a chance to watch each other work, so I’m soaking up every second of watching José Zayas, whom I adore, run the room. We all know tech is infinitely better when your stage manager is efficient and competent—Alex Mark is, and APAC is blessed to have him (hire him!). And I never cease to be amazed when talented designers make magic out of ridiculously little resources. Jason Simms, Sydney Maresca, Bruce Steinberg and David Margolin Lawson are Artists of the first degree.

So here’s to a week of living in my Tech Bubble, before I have to think about things like groceries, laundry and rent.

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