Saturday, January 29, 2011



We want to thank Martin Denton for his informative and inspiring blogs last week.

We are very happy to announce that February is dedicated to ARTS ADVOCACY here on the IT Foundation's blog.

We have lined up some people who are really knowledgeable about advocacy, what is going on in the world of politics that affects the arts and how we can maximize our own advocacy efforts.

It should be an interesting month and I encourage all of you to ask questions and engage with these folks.

If you didn't know, February 8th is Arts Day in Albany and the State and City budgets are also due this month, so there will be a lot to talk about.

Guest Bloggers include:

Will Maitland Weiss, Executive Director, Arts & Business Council of New York
Adam Huttler, Executive Director, Fractured Atlas
Norma P. Munn, Chair, NYC Arts Coalition
Paul Nagle, Executive Director, Institute for Culture in the Service of Community Sustainability

Please join us for these important conversations.


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