Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest Blogger of the Week: Duncan Pflaster

We want to thank Edward Elefterion for this inspirational post last week.

We are excited that this week's guest blogger is Duncan Pflaster.

Duncan Pflaster is the author of several plays, including the award-winning fantasies The Starship Astrov, The Thyme of the Season, Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants (all available to read on Indie Theatre Now), The Empress of Sex, Sweeter Dreams, Eternity: Time Without End, and The Tragedy of Dandelion, (staged reading coming in February 2012, part of MTWorks' NewBorn Festival) as well as The Wastes of Time Suckers, Sleeping in Tomorrow, Admit Impediments, Six Silences In Three Movements, Dik and Jayne Are Not The Same, Amazing Daedalus, Eskimo, Wilder & Wilder, and Ore, or Or; in addition to a panoply of shorter pieces that have been seen in festivals all over the country.  He is also an award-winning off-off-Broadway theatre reviewer for

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