Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh boy, did it get spicy up in here!

We expected nothing less and you did not disappoint.

Thank you OOB for your candor, insight, thoughtful responses, passion and willingness to share it all with us.

You gave us a lot to think about. You helped clear up some complicated issues, gave us greater insight into others and provided some invaluable feedback.

We are humbled that you took the time to help us improve and become a stronger organization.

We will carefully review all of your comments, discuss them with our staff and board and take all of it into consideration when making some important decisions.

As we mentioned we will use your feedback to help prioritize changes, developments and improvements to our system. Some ideas raised here may help us make adjustments as early as next season (starting in June 2012). Some ideas may require further elaboration and development and/or infrastructure changes in order to be addressed. And some feedback we will simply not be able to address in a way that makes everyone happy, especially in a community as large and wonderfully diverse as ours.

These posts will continue to stay active. So if you think of something next week or next month, please post it. We’ll see it. Or you can always contact us directly through our site.

When we launched on Summer Solstice 2004, our awesome volunteer staff wore T-shirts that said, “Off-Off-Broadway is Innovative Theatre.” It’s sort of been our unofficial motto ever since.

David Crespy, author of The Off-Off-Broadway Explosion, said, "Off-Off-Broadway is a theater where even on the barest of stages and usually on a shoestring budget, a poverty of means fuels an explosion of imagination." We believe in that spirit and the amazing work that is being created by this community.

Whether you call yourself Indie Theatre or Independent Theatre or Off-Off-Broadway theatre, you’re our kind of people. If you are a brand spankin' new company or one that has been around for 50 years, it does not matter to us. Whether you are a non-profit organization or a commercial entity or something in between, we couldn't care less. Whether you are dedicated to new works or established classics, it’s all good. If you are all about the ensemble and collaboration, fantastic! If you are really into solo works and hearing the single voice, awesome! If you only do clown work, super! If you totally love realistic modern dramas, cool! If you dig Grand Guignol, love it! If stage combat is your thing or sci-fi or musicals or Chekhov or one-acts or personal stories or state-of-the-art performance technology or two guys sitting on stools sharing a lollypop and talking about family... we're in.

The New York Innovative Theatre Awards celebrates Off-Off-Broadway.

Thank you again for participating in the virtual town hall. We sincerely appreciate all of the comments.

We are wishing you all happy holidays and a kick-ass New Year filled with sold-out performances and glowing reviews.


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  1. I just want to say THANK YOU Shay & Nick and all of the IT staff that works year round to make sure that we can even have our work honored and awarded. THANK YOU for all that you do for this community.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again - The NYITA's and their founders and (volunteer) staff are amazing to not just say they want feedback, but to then take the feedback and be willing to change when possible.

    We all know it's impossible to please all the people all of the time. But you guys do your damndest to try, and I for one appreciate it.


  3. I wanted to say how impressive I think it is that you guys did this. It was very brave to open up these topics and allow the community to contribute. I'm proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.

  4. It is so smart and really inspiring the way you handled all of this. There are some other companies and organizations that could take a lesson from this.

  5. THANK YOU! It is pretty freaking awesome that you did all this.