Friday, February 21, 2014

Why do we love theatre so much?

Broadway World asked its readers "Why do we love theatre so much?"

Read their answers...

Tazber said:
The first four notes of Gypsy

Because no one ever says what they mean in a Chekhov play

Because when Jennifer Holliday told me she wasn't going I knew she meant it

The first 15 seconds of A Chorus Line

Because there is no more emotionally shattering song than Could I Leave You....

....Except Another Winter in a Summer Town

Because seeing a Pirandello play is way more trippy than getting high

Because there really is no day but today

Because now I know people love you and tell you lies

Because of the way Bob Fosse moved

Because Yul Brynner really was Something Wonderful

Because who else but Patti could ever be Patti

Because Richard Kiley dared to dream the impossible dream

Because One Day More still stops my heart every time

Because when I was very young it taught me that I needed to find my very own corner of the sky

Because Mrs. Lovett still gives me nightmares

Because A New Brain helped me to go on when I thought I couldn't

Because Tom Stoppard doesn't worry whether or not people understand his work


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