Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why the hell do I love theatre so much?

This is an excerpt from the keynote speech given by Jacob Coakley, an Editor at Stage Directions, at the Texas Nonprofit Theatres' Annual Conference in 2010

"So why the hell do I love theatre so much? And how can I make you excited about theatre?...

Because when you’re onstage, everyone’s gonna love you.

Because theatre is still the best connection to whatever it is that makes us the best people we can be.

Because it’s open to anyone, anywhere, regardless of money, or where you come from, or anything else. If you want in, theatre wants you.

Because theatre has always given me more than I’ve given it. No matter what I’m doing for a show, or how much I’ve ever done for a show, I’ve always gotten more out of it than I’ve put in. And I’ve put in a lot. A lot. But somehow, I always walk off a production feeling as if I’M the one who got everything. How does this happen? It’s alchemy, it’s magic. It’s theatre.

So with all of this, how can you NOT be excited for theatre? How could you not love putting your heart and soul out there for this art form again, and again, and again?

Theatre is the most thrilling and rewarding of human endeavors. I’m honored to be a part of it, I’m honored I get to spend my time thinking about it, attending it, making it. And I’m honored you invited me here to share that passion with you. Thank you very much."

Read the entire speech.

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