Friday, March 25, 2016

Retro Productions receives Donn Russell Fund Grant

In 2015 Retro Productions celebrated its 10th anniversary. In that time they have presented 18 productions and have become one of the most highly respected companies currently working Off-Off-Broadway. In addition to their meticulous attention to detail and impressive production values (especially considering their modest budgets), Retro has one of the most clearly articulated esthetics in the community. Dedicated to productions, which have an historical perspective - with an emphasis on the 20th century - they're providing audiences with new perspectives on some classic American texts.

"Modern theatre is often about The Now or even about The Next, but Retro Productions understands the importance of remembering our recent history. The significance of reflection is always poignantly observed in their revivals."
               ~ Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review

Retro Production's Desk Set photo by Christopher Hicken
"Retro has the uncanny, AWESOME ability to consistently attract New York's most talented theatre artists and create something extraordinary for themselves and audiences alike!"
Greg Oliver Bodine

"I've never laughed as hard and had as much fun working on shows than I have with Retro."                 ~ Matilda Szydagis

"Retro Productions is awesome because we create beyond our limitations, not within them."               ~ Viviane Galloway

"Retro has introduced me to some of my closest life-long friendships and gives me opportunity to work with those amazing souls on a regular basis. I love them."
                                    ~ Casandera MJ Lollar

The Butter and Egg Man
Good Boys and True
                           Photos by Connolly NYC

"Retro productions has an incredible dedication to preserving the details of the era for any given production” ~ Elise Rovinsky

"Retro Productions is an awesome organization that supports its members' artistic efforts with high production standards and meaningful project choices." ~ Rebecca Cunningham

"Retro Productions is awesome because it gives actors, designers, directors, and stage managers the experience of working on a production in another time. It also allows the audience to experience life during a time they may not have lived through. Not only are they enjoying the show, but they are learning about the music, the decor, the clothing, the slang, and the cultural feelings of that precise era through the production." ~ Kathryn Squitieri
"Retro is at it's best when we all work together as a team - and this company does. We may not do a lot of shows (certainly there are companies who do more), but we do consistently great work that not just relies on, but benefits from the company members all coming together and bringing their individual talents to the end goal."
                             ~ Heather Cunningham
Retro Productions' Still Life photo by David Anthony

We are excited to present Retro Productions with a grant from the Donn Russell Fund. You can also contribute to this deserving company by making a donation and watch for their summer yard sales which often includes props, costumes and set pieces from their productions.

Congratulations to Retro Productions for receiving a Donn Russell Fund grant! 

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