Monday, July 24, 2017

It Awards Manifesto: We Are All in This Together

The atmosphere of 2017 has been challenging, to say the least, with the word "divided" used as a near constant drumbeat. The New York It Awards wishes to stand as a bulwark against this negativity and malaise. As an advocacy organization dedicated to celebrating indie theater, we reiterate our dedication to this art form. Theater is always vital to culture as a way to communicate and express what it means to be human. Art reflects and reveals aspects of life and humanity. We gain relief, release, and respite from art as well as catharsis in living through the events we see on stage, hopefully gaining some level of understanding about our own lives and those of people and perspectives we may have not encountered before. As human beings, we are drawn to story, and as artists we share our stories in a manner of daring and vulnerability. 

Art is an act of love.

As artists, we let our audiences know "you are not alone". And in this time of challenge and rancor, where our society increasingly feels unmoored, more than ever it is important to remember you are not alone. We are all in this together. Over the coming months, the It Awards will engage in initiatives to remind you of these simple truths and that you are part of a valuable community across all the disciplines of theater, including its audience:
  • We will be sharing our stories of what theater means to us and why it is important
  • We will be sharing stories from artists across NY indie theater answering those same questions
  • We will invite you to share your stories on our Facebook page and our blogs' comments section
We are excited to take up the gauntlet of positive, loving action toward ourselves, each other, and our community. Please join us.

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