Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Main Event

We're all hard at work getting ready for the Ceremony. Among the things I'm charged with – and charged about – is the design and production of the evening. This includes getting together all the projection, cameras, videocameras, light and sound for the night, as well as coordinating all the tech staff that run the ceremony, and the video and graphics that go up on the screens.

In addition to the mini-documentaries about the Honorary Award Recipients (this year that's Judith Malina and the New York Theatre Experience / Martin Denton & Rochelle Denton), we also create content for projection / visual display. Mainly that means we put up photos of the nominees and their shows on fancy tricked out displays and broadcast-quality animations. Did you see the DNC this year? The visuals were crazy right? Well, while that kind of design and display may be a bit beyond reach for an annual ceremony, we work hard to make sure our production values rival other awards in town – including some that are broadcast on the networks. They're made possible by the gracious generosity of some of the most talented artists in the animation / video production / projection industry. If you've been to a Ceremony before, you know what I mean – if you haven't, you should come this year.

Speaking of this year, can you even believe the amazing lineup we have? Blue Man Group, Edward Albee, Olympia Dukakis and more, all hosted by Lisa Kron! And we'll have a whole lot of amazing nominees in the room, too. The 2008 New York Innovative Theatre Awards Ceremony is the MUST event!

Nick Micozzi
Executive Director
New York Innovative Theatre Awards

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