Thursday, September 25, 2008

Double the fun!

Working with the Innovative Theatre Awards is a remarkable experience. IT has the complementary stellar qualities of connecting one to the downtown, independent theatre community and, on Awards night, the legends who established OOB’s rich history.

That’s the good news. The bad news is we only have 51 more weeks to get ready for next year’s ceremony.

Seriously, each new season the organization has grown, improved, and expanded its services to the performing artists of New York City. It is a pleasure to face the unique challenge of topping one’s own best work. As a staff, we are all very proud of how far we’ve come and of the even more exciting opportunities to come.

For example, please enjoy our newly accessible blog in full-color Cross Posting! We have extended our blog entries and staff updates to include a Blogspot page. Those of you who are already familiar and comfortable with RSS feeds are welcome to subscribe or “follow” us on our either format. If you’ve been reading along with our adventures via MySpace, you’ll be happy to know these entries will be simultaneous and identical.

You can keep up with the IT Awards thrilling new Season Five activities at:

We are thrilled with our own increased web presence and the important exposure it provides registered shows.

Break a leg,
Hillary Cohen
Development Manager

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