Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living In The Past


Contributed by Guest Blogger of the week Stacy Mayer.

One of the people I talk about in my one-woman show is a Buddhist meditation instructor.  He’s awesome and when I decided to move to San Francisco, I asked him what I should do to further my meditation practice.  He suggested that I look into the Shambhala Center out here.  So I did!

Last weekend I attended the level one training at the Silicon Valley Shambhala Center.  One of the concepts that our instructor spoke about is how we look at the past as if it’s in front of us and the future is facing our back.  Everything that we have accomplished, experienced, failed at, is all right in front of our face.  It’s that past that is keeping us from moving forward in life.  It’s the basic reason that you felt so free when you were in college but now you feel limited and rigid.

I’m trying to keep an open mind since I have moved here.  I really am but I can’t help but notice that I’m holding back a little from working with people simply based on fear.  If I were fresh out of college, I wouldn’t hesitate to attend the Theatre Bay Area Regional Auditions in February.  But now my thought is, “eh is that really something I want to do?” 

So instead I do…eh?

Even though some parts of my past are holding me back, it’s also what’s keeping me moving forward.  In the short month I’ve lived here I have met with a producer, an artistic director and a Bay Area actor.  All of these meetings were arranged by colleagues I had in New York.  Each meeting has led to more meetings with new people. 

Your past is how you make connections.  And using those connections helps your future.  Heck, many of you reading this could be a connection.  That’s why blogging and comments are so great.  It puts you out there. 

I am completely open.  And it’s that openness that will propel me into my future.  Even if right now, it’s still facing my back. 


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