Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guest blogger of the week: Jon Stancato


We would like to thank Stacy Mayer for blogging for us last week.  We wish her the very best of luck and want to hear about how it is going.

We are so excited to announce next week's blogger, Jon Stancato.

Jon Stancato has been called "one of the most daring and imaginative directors of his generation" by Martin Denton,  He has co-created and directed all of Stolen Chair's productions since he co-founded the company in 2002. With Stolen Chair, Jon pioneered the concept of Community Supported Theatre, offered through the company's nationally-recognized membership organization, PlayGround. He has trained with Joseph Chaikin, Thomas Richards &the Grotowski Workcenter, Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, Kabuki master Isaburo Hanayagi, as well as in the techniques of Jacques Lecoq.  He co-choreographed (with Tula LaGams) burlesque acts which have appeared at Galapagos, HyperGender, the Slipper Room, and Howl. Jon teaches commedia dell'arte, clown, found-object puppetry, bouffon, and other physical theatre techniques throughout the tri-state area, and he is the master teacher for the NYC Student Shakespeare Festival.   He holds a theatre Studies BA from Swarthmore College.


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