Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Kindred Spirit

Contributed by guest blogger of the week, Jeff Riebe.

Greetings once again from a kindred spirit. 

Living out here in the hinterlands, away from the 'scene', has had an effect on my dramatic process.

My involvement in the theatre scene here in Minnesota has consisted of two very different entities: Interact and The Guthrie. The first served as a local re-introduction to the stage for which I am eternally indebted. It is also an adult playground on which I was able to play and reclaim myself. Not frolic, but play. The second is an of course international behemoth of entertainment and creativity. Working there assures me that my purpose and drive were, and are, not wasted nor in vain.

I'm continuously re-emerging. Being run-over tends to do that.

But the Off-Off-Broadway community is continuously on my mind. It reminds me that theatre can and is able to be created anywhere. Anywhere a group of people are focused, and the intent is clear. Off-Off-Broadway is a strong gathering place to create and explore creation's outer edges, theatrically; push-the-envelope as it were. You've got to be grateful to be a part of it. There is a strong theatre scene here, but it does not come close to rivaling the sense of community you have. Relish it.

You are so fortunate to be where you are and to do what it is that you do. (Like you need to be reminded). I miss that sense of community and all of you who contribute to that.

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