Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Passions!?!? BLASPHEMER!

Contributed by guest blogger of the week, Will Le Vasseur.

A typical night out at a bar:

Person A: So, I’m a lawyer, what do you do?
Person B: I’m an actor/dancer/performing artist!
Person A: Ah, so which restaurant/bar do you work at?

How many times have we heard that one... People think it doesn’t get old. Oh silly silly misguided public. Not all actor/dancer/performing artist’s work in such a manner, but the gist is generally correct. For those who cannot pay rent or the bills on an OOB salary (aka $0), there must be a “real” job that we procure to do mundane things like eat.

And here we have the stereotype: Starving artist doing soulless work so that they can be free and express themselves through their art on stage/film/CD/medium of choice.

What if we can change that?

What if we as artists look deep within and find our second passion.

(Ducks as things are thrown) WAIT, hold on! Lemme explain before shouting blasphemer! You can have more than one passion in life!!! Lets go on a little thought experiment.

Surely there are things that you can do and enjoy apart from the primary passion of art creation... agreed? How much better would life be if the time spent “working”  so that you can play are spent with clear intentions and good will? How much more fulfilling would it be to go to rehearsal on the buzz of a great work day rather than bitching about how horrible the day went? You could cut the drama from your life and actually be (gasp) happy... maybe?

Personally, I’ve finally found that second passion. I’m a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). “Oh but that’s a lot of work,” some may say. Yes, yes it is. The upswing however is seeing the person who walked into your studio full of stress and pain leave looking like they just got out of a jacuzzi bubble bath of joy and relaxation. That makes any “hard work” pay off. That’s what makes me keep doing what I do. That’s also what helps to pay my bills to allow me to be Artistic Director of Redd Tale Theatre Company and produce my seasons. (Shameless plug: NYIT peeps can get 25% if they choose to book a massage with me ($75 instead of $100) at my space in Chelsea on 27th Street on Saturdays. for my contact info.)

What is it that you love to do? What tickles your brain and heart at the same time? Can you use that skill/desire to further your life? If so, With harm to none, so mote it be!

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