Monday, July 11, 2011

What? More changes to the Nom Party?

Yes and No.

We've changed the date. The 2011 Nominee Announcement will be held on Monday August 1st

On June 20th, we announced some changes to the Nominee Announcement party. The most significant of which was that unlike the previous nominee events, the nominees would not be informed of their nomination in advance of the public announcement. The intent was to bring a different kind of excitement and surprise to the event, to encourage a wider celebration of the community and we wanted to try something new. 

However since we broke the news, we have received overwhelming feedback asking us to reconsider. We have met with community members and had many conversations about the event, our objectives and the changes.  

And we've decided we will inform the nominees in advance of the public announcement.

We will begin making phone calls later this week.

So what do you think?  Did we make the right decision?

We do hope you will join us.

Monday, August 1st

for the

2011 Nominee Announcement

at the historic Off-Off-Broadway Venue
Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii
located at 25 Carmine Street (corner of Bleecker)

from 7pm to 10pm

All tickets are $10 and are on sale now!


  1. I for one want to let you know how AMAZING it is for the community to hear that YOU LISTENED! There were great reasons for the change and even greater reasons for the change back. Thanks to the entire NYITAwards staff and board for making this amazing ceremony happen annually, and for being there for the community. It will be, as always, an awesome party. And for those who aren't nominated who decide to attend, they will be steeled against the disappointment. And for those who are nominated, they will shine and be celebrated!
    Rock on, NYITA!

  2. Just another reason to be impressed with the IT Awards organization! I appreciate that you have the agility to listen to and respond to feedback from the community you serve. I'm sure that changing the plan requires no small amount of work; thank you for not letting that dissuade you from changing back, once you'd made your decision. As the previous commentor wrote, there WERE good reasons for both the change and the change back. Thank you for laying them out so clearly for us. I'll be missing the party this year (to have a baby), but am sure it'll be a blast.

  3. when will nominees be informed by?

  4. A good idea would be to send an e-mail to all the registered plays and musicals that did not get nominated, thanking them for registering their play and to come to the event, etc. etc. That allows them to clear their schedules rather than wait around to hear.

  5. Have all the nominees been notified?

  6. The producers of the nominated productions have all been notified. We are still in the process of contacting all of the individual nominees. There are nearly 200 of them this year!