Monday, February 10, 2014

I Love OOB Because....

We asked artists working Off-Off-Broadway to tell us why they love their community. Here are some of their answers:

"The community. People who like to play together and support one other's creative efforts. It makes me happy." ~Al Pearsall

"I love that both off and off off productions can, in some respects, take more risks. They can present new material or find innovative ways to present 'classics.'"  ~Jenny Herdman Lando

"Risks that pay off!"  ~Tamara Rose

"I Love Off Off Broadway, especially when my Son's show is on stage !!!!!"  ~ Paul Jerabek

"More diverse voices."  ~ Shawn Harris

"It gives a chance for new works.. As Broadway moves towards producing movies that sold well as films..."  ~ Richard Cameron

"I like the 'anything goes' vibe, which makes finding more diverse POVs/artists easier." 
~ CrossroadsPlays ‏@XroadsTheatre

"Creativity, passion, energy" ~ Arthur Reel

We want to hear from you. Why do you love Off-Off-Broadway.


  1. It gives opportunities to a variety of artists and the chance to make the art that you want to make.

  2. There are so many brave artists who are willing to take risks and a community of their peers who are there to support them and applaud them even if the attempt fails.

  3. Something new and different every night.

  4. OffOff Broadway is full of the brightest and most talented artists who are breaking ground and breaking rules.

  5. It is the nucleus of theatrical creativity in the United States.

  6. It is never the status quo. There is always something surprising and unexpected.