Saturday, September 10, 2016

Butcher Holler Here We Come

Written by Casey Wimpee
Directed by Leah Bonvissutto
Produced by Aztec Economy

Nominated for: Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role, Adam Belvo

Photo by Yvonne Alloway

About the Production
Aztec Economy seeks to “provide a fresh perspective on American culture and its relationship to ritual, mythology, madness, dreams, and deliverance.” Casey Wimpee’s play Butcher Holler Here We Come provided the perfect source material for them to achieve this goal. In this play, 5 miners struggle to survive following a cave collapse. Dwindling oxygen, food, water, and grasp on reality, reveals the true nature of these men.

Actor, Adam Belvo talks about developing this haunting piece that explores human psyche.



What attracted you to this production?

Adam: I have been working with Aztec Economy as a company member for 7 years, and the role was written for me.

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Adam: My favorite aspect of this production was the collaborative nature of the development and execution. It runs like a symphony; it has its movements, its flourishes, peaks and valleys, and codas. Each performer has to listen to each other, to know when to cede the floor, and when to play louder or quiet down. It was fantastic to work with a group of actors and creators who are as bold, creative, professional and open as they are, on and offstage, and it is always a pleasure to work with your friends.
Photo by Yvonne Alloway

What was the most challenging part of working on this production?

Adam: The piece takes place in pitch dark. Working in the dark with headlamps has extremely specific challenges, and working with the audience seated around you like the walls of the cave has even more - you can get disoriented very easily, so a lot of the work was training our eyes to adapt and to take our time moving so as not to hurt ourselves or audience members.

What has been the most noteworthy part of working on this production for you?


Adam: I have toured this show around the country, and it is interesting to me to see how audiences around the nation react to this piece on a visceral level. It's the kind of play that gets into your head, and has you thinking about it for weeks after, drawing conclusions and mining (pun intended) for ever more connections.

What is it like working with Aztec Economy?

Adam: Aztec Economy is comprised of talented, innovative and courageous artists, actors, and writers. We trust each other implicitly; we are not afraid to bare ourselves fully and take leaps of faith with each other. I love that when we are onstage, everyone gives their all, no punches are pulled, and everyone takes great risks. It leads to great theater.

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