Saturday, September 17, 2016

Steve: A Docu-Musical

Written and Performed by Colin Summers
Directed by Nessa Norich
Produced by New York Neo-Futurists

Nominated for: Outstanding Solo Performance, Colin Summers; Outstanding Original Full-Length Script, Colin Summers; Outstanding Production of a Musical

Photo by Hunter Canning

About the Production
Steve: A Docu-Musical chronicles the true story of Colin Summer’s 8-year online correspondence and artistic collaboration with Steve, a “Gen X” Australian. Together, Steve and Colin have written hundreds of songs. In Colin’s account of their unconventional relationship, Steve’s original songs and emails paint a vivid picture of a fascinating character. A refreshing exploration of the artist within all of us, Steve: A Docu-Musical reveals the potential for human connection sparked by a simple Google search.

Performer and playwright Colin Summer and Producer Yoshi Kuroi briefly give their thoughts on this modern musical.


What prompted you to write this musical?

Colin: I kept telling my friends this story until I realized I had to make it a real show.

What attracted you to this production?

Yoshi: I love real and human stories about technology making people's lives better and connecting people to one another. Steve: A Docu-Musical is nothing if not a tale of the Internet connecting two unlikely artists who would never have found each other to collaborate without the connectivity of our age and the charismatic creations they made together.

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