Saturday, September 3, 2016

War of the Worlds

Written by H.G. Wells and Adapted for stage by Dan Bianchi
Directed by Dan Bianchi
Produced by RadioTheatre

Nominated for:  Outstanding Performance Art Production

About the Production
RadioTheatre is “inspired by the artistry created during the Golden Years of Radio when SOUND was king and STORY TELLING, along with great voices, music and sound effects…as well as, the individual imaginations of its audiences …were the primary ingredients used to provide a memorable, live, theatrical experience.” H.G. Wells’ classic Sci-Fi story, War of the Worlds was the perfect source material this unique company that is focused on “cinematic scripts” produced in a “presentational format.”  Set in 1936, this production finds mankind facing overwhelming odds against a seemingly unconquerable alien force. Drawing parallels to the rise of Adolf Hitler’s and his ambitions of world domination RadioTheatre challenges its audience to consider the piece in a new light.

RadioTheatre’s Artistic Director, Dan Bianchi shares his insights into creating this non-traditional, inventive form of theatre for modern audiences.


What attracted you to this story?

Dan: The late 19th Century works of the Grandmaster of Modern Science Fiction... H.G.Wells, still resonate in today's tumultuous world, countries wracked by violence and invasion, mankind on the brink of destruction. And, yet, somehow, coming together to fight the enemy that threatens us all. The War of the Worlds is one of the greatest examples of that message and, although it's never been out of print...and it has influenced countless artists, writers, filmmakers...and of course it was the basis of the most famous radio broadcast of all time...and filmed many only RadioTheatre is able to bring it LIVE to the stage!

What did you want the audience to come away with after watching War of the Worlds?

Dan: The audiences at RadioTheatre always come away with a totally unique theatrical experience because, unlike traditional plays, the audience is encouraged to use their own imaginations to provide the visuals. Many stay after each show congratulating the cast and actively describing the scenes they conjured in their minds eye.

What was your favorite part of this production?

Dan: I love to see works and genres typically ignored by traditional theatre come to life on stage and meanwhile challenge the audiences to participate with us by using their imaginations to provide the visuals.

What was the most unique aspect of this production?

Dan: The RadioTheatre cast are unique vocal actors providing the necessary tools for the audience to utilize when becoming totally immersed in the story. The original, unique music and sound effects and expert live sound engineering also help to make the story come alive.

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