Saturday, September 2, 2017


Written by Ana Nogueira
Directed by Adrienne Cambell-Holt
Produced by Colt Coeur 

Nominations: Outstanding Sound Design, Matt Otto; Outstanding Set Design, Reid Thompson

About the Company:
Colt Coeur embraces the infinite theatrical potential of intimate live performance. Their work addresses the ambivalence, terror and exhilaration of our age on the scale of person-to-person through theater that utilizes a simplicity of means to achieve richness of expression. They produce original, story-driven, visceral theater that straddles the line between mainstream and experimental. They strive to create great happenings in small rooms, “theater as close as a whisper in your ear or a stranger’s hand brushing yours.  Intimacy is our way in.”

About the Production: Empathitrax is a searing, darkly funny and heart-filled story of a young couple who turn to a new breakthrough in pharmacology to save their fractured relationship. When “Empathitrax” hits the market promising instant emotional intimacy by divining what others feel, one couple takes the leap to eliminate all boundaries between them. Like any new drug, there are unforeseen side effects which in this instance have catastrophic and poignant consequences.

"In the beautifully redemptive and sweetly funny final moments of the show, the aspects of design come together magically, creating an incredible moment of deep emotion. Beyond words, we transcend understanding and simply feel." ~ Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti, Theasy

What first attracted you to this project?

Matt: Working with the director Adrienne Campbell-Holt

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Matt: Being in rehearsal with Adrienne and the playwright Ana Nogueira.

What was the most challenging part of working on this production?

Matt: The speed at which we had to tech it.

Did you learn anything new from your experience of working on this production?

Matt: I learned a lot from the play itself, how to be more empathetic and caring for your partner.

What was it like working with this company?

Matt: The people are the best.

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