Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Spring Fling: Rebound

Produced by F*It Club

Nominations: Outstanding Original Short Script, "All Is Bright" by Dan Moyer; Outstanding Original Short Script, "Antares Returning" by Ryan King

Photos by Crystal Arnette

About the Company: Short plays. Short Films. Short-term events. Why wait? Just f*it. The F*It Club was founded with the goals to provide access and opportunity, develop and produce work in film and theatre with immediacy, and to bring fun back to live entertainment. They say "f* it" to waiting for opportunity to knock and are seizing opportunity and making it their own. 

About the Production:
The Spring Fling is an annual, world-premiere, commissioned, and award-winning collection of six short plays around a central theme. The 2017 theme was "Rebound."

Producer Allyson Morgan and nominee Ryan King share their thoughts on this annual short play festival.


What first attracted you to this project?

Allyson: This is the seventh year of the Spring Fling! We initially developed this show as a direct way to work with artists whose work we admired, rather than waiting for a chance meeting or audition that may never come.

What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Ryan: I was a part of the first Spring Fling festival as an actor, so I was happy to come full circle and take part as a playwright. It was an amazing group of playwrights this year.

Allyson: I always enjoy seeing how the different playwrights attack the theme in such varied and surprising ways. Additionally, the new connections forged both personally and professionally are always meaningful.

What was the most challenging part of working on this production?

Allyson: Managing close to 40 actors, directors, writers and staff is always challenging - but I love the challenge!

What did you want the audience to walk away with after watching The Spring Fling: Rebound?

Allyson: That theatre doesn't have to be pretentious, stuffy, boring, or expensive. Theatre can be surprising, challenging, fun, cheap, and under two hours!

What was the most unique aspect of this production?

Allyson: We had another seventh play (by Lucy Boyle) running in the transitions of the other plays to keep the night consistent and cohesive!

What was it like working with this group of artists?

Ryan: FIT Club always brings in the best people - actors, directors, writers - to work on stuff.

Allyson: Ryan King was an actor in the first Spring Fling in 2011! The fact that he came back to work with us 6 years later with full trust and enthusiasm as a playwright shows his awesome spirit and loyalty. Dan Moyer workshopped his piece at our retreat in the fall and let us bring it back in the spring - I've loved watching his specific revision process - he'll attack jokes seven different ways, but always with heart - he's awesome.

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